The Pace of Follow Up

So I’m hosting a first look presentation and there’s a sharp looking, young guy a couple rows back.  But the whole time he’s clicking away on his iPhone.  I’m thinking he’s not paying attention to a word being said…

A couple minutes after the presentation ends, he bounds up and says his friend wants to join the business.   Kind of surprised, I ask how he knows about it.  “Oh I’ve been texting him the whole time,” was the reply.

And there’s an important lesson there for you…

There are 6.6 billion people on this planet.  Three billion of them are 25 years old or younger.  And these generation X and Y candidates are a different breed.  They’ve never seen a book unless they’ve been to a museum, they use technology relentlessly, and they have the attention span of a gnat.

They’re tweeting during your presentation, searching your company on Google in the car on the way home and posting something about it on the Facebook page an hour later.

Back in the day, you’d bring someone to a presentation on Tuesday and follow up around Friday.  If you do that today, they won’t even remember who you are.  (And these are your immediate family members I’m talking about.)

The pace of life has changed to a frantic, hectic speed and attention spans are shorter.  So increase the pace of your follow up accordingly.   If your candidate is under 50, you probably should be following up within 24-hour increments.  If you have a 20-year-old at your presentation, two hours later to check back isn’t really out of the question.

What’s your experience of follow up today?  Are you shortening the time windows?  Please share what you see happening in the space.


20 thoughts on “The Pace of Follow Up

  1. Whoa! This is so true, I’m 53, and texting was really foreign to me til about 3months ago..then I began to realize that what you say about this new generation is so true. Once I learned to text, the responses exploded and my team increased rapidly. I love this generation, because so many haven’t lost the ability to dream big, and their energy and excitement is very close to my own. Together we inspire those who have forgotten to dream to do so again.

  2. Signed up a 20yr old last night. She came over tonight to talk about her orders and go over things with me. Gave her 2 goals to meet. Am touching base with her again on Friday to see how she is doing. So far she met 1 of the 2 goals and its just been 24hrs.

    I agree wholeheartedly with you on the under 50 group. They are really ready to move and fast. Because they are fresh out of school or still in school they are really good students and eager to learn fast.

    Signed up a 50yr old today so will see how that goes……am following up with her tomorrow to see if she has any questions. Once she receives her products
    I will go over everything in her case with her and then again questions. Also gave her a goal to meet. That goal is to make a 100 list.

  3. Randy that’s funny that you pasted this today. I was just thinking today about the fact that we are taught to look for the sharpest person at a age of between 35 to 55 with two incomes and kids. But I was thinking about so many MLM leaders that started there first run with MLM in there 20’s. Me including. Then you also talked about the texting. I try to teach my team to not take notes with there phone because it looks like there not paying attention. I think its a loosing battle. Things are changing. I’m looking at the younger person differently. They have a lot of talent and knowledge of the Internet that we older people don’t have the patients to learn. Thanks for your wisdom

  4. I have always been a fan of 24 – 48 hour follow ups. I believe it has always given people the time they need to absorb the information and the courtesy to check things out if they need to.
    However I am beginning to come around to your way of thinking Randy.
    Younger folk today have their finger on the technology button almost 24 hours a day. So why should we leave to chance that in 24 hours they will be ready to join our amazing industry. My daughter of almost 18 has somewhere in the region of 250 friends on FB so that’s 250 friends ready to tell her its a scam in next to no time. For things to change you have to change. So thats one thing I am going to experiment with 2 – 3 hour call backs where possible with younger folk. Great blog, thanks for sharing.

  5. What I am seeing is that those people who have been in the networking business have to adjust their business models to the new social media paradigm. Not exclusive of the old model but adding the new elements to it…….For anyone not trying to learn how to use Facebook, Twitter, ect…..a population of young people will be missed!

  6. Many young folks like me in this region (Nig) refuse to believe things related to money online. I keep exposing my business to them and they don’t even respond at all. It is frustrating. These are ppl I have met before. Everyone is cautious not to be scammed………….Meeting new persons on Facebook and Tweeter may be an option. Randy, do u have advice for me? I’ll appreciate it. I follow every one of ur blogs………You’re the best!

  7. I agree with Evelyn, when I give them a cd to watch or listen some think it a scam then I tell them check it out with the BBB that should tell u right there if this a scam or not. I not giving up on this this is something some people would to have. ……..Thank Randy

  8. I agree with you Randy. The younger generation 18-30 is a very interesting group. Most of these people have been so conditioned to go to school and get a job that it is hard for them to wrap their minds around this. They will leave a presentation extremely excited and ready to sign up and then the next day when following up, either don’t answer or don’t join simply because they “research on google” or talk to some skeptic who has never been in the industry. Even though they have been told this would happen. They have a lot of potential but ruin it for themselves.They have not been beat down by the system yet and feel that their job will lead them to financial independence. Rude awakening. I feel that a 2-3 follow-up could be an excellent recommendation and I’m going ot try it.

    The prospects over 30, is a better bet due to the fact that they have a stronger “WHY” (family, work they hate, getting dreams back). Followup within 24 hours works great.

  9. I am smiling with laughter in my heart Randy because I feel the same way when I do presentations! Posting, connecting and follow-up sometimes for me is ENTIRELY on Facebook because my contacts there REFUSE to meet in person … LOL … see, now I’m doing it

  10. -RG,

    In my Toastmasters Club we not only learn to be good public speakers but also good listeners.

    I talked with a member in their 20’s because she was “texting” during a speech. I asked her if they were able to absorb what the speaker was saying. Her response was “Yes and I was also taking notes (on her iPhone) because I liked the material being presented”

    This ability to do both and do them well is possible.


  11. I follow up based on the interaction, request and promise produced. If someone says they will look over the information in the next hour, I request we talk immediately after. If they will take the weekend to review the material I request a Sunday evening or Monday follow up. If they are unreachable or did not do as they said I ask they call me after reviewing the material and I move on.

    The closer their attention span is to zero or the standard 15 sec commercial suggests they do not even have a reasonable chance for success in anything that takes much longer to complete.

    While it may be possible to multi-task effectively [highly unlikely really] there is no debate whether it is possible to multi-focus. Multi-focus IS an oxymoron. The willingness and learned ability to focus is a critical skill.

  12. Raising three under 30 kids, I see first hand the new wave of communication and follow up. My son has taught me to follow up within 2hrs after the initial presentation. Any longer…they’re gone, literally. My motto now, “Move fast, strike faster”

  13. Hey Randy,

    The development and progression of the technology is very fast at the new era
    The new generation was born in to it, and got used to it very well. When we want to communicat better with them we have to be up-to-date in all the innovations and inventions, like they are.

    “The world is moving so fast these days that the one who says
    it can’t be done is generally interrupted by someone doing it.”
    ~Harry Emerson Fosdick

  14. Absolutely things have changed! I’m never without my Blackberry, and I am now texting more than emailing. Wow! The younger generation does demand speed and quicker follow-up. And I won’t vacation anywhere where there isn’t a high speed internet (wi-fi) somewhere, so I can have my laptop handy for an impromptu presentation! Totally agree Randy!

  15. The younger generation is a whole different breed. The follow up is the next day for them. The older generation one to two days tops.

  16. Amen to the attention spans of our younger generation.

    I’ve found them to be great team members WHEN they “get it” as we say in the business.

    Once they TOTALLY “buy in” to all the elements necessary for success that same speed can be channeled into getting off to a fast start in the business.

    Personally I prefer to work with 30 – 60 yr olds , with families & home owners.

    But that’s my preference, I’ll work with anybody that is consistent , coachable & willing to do the work necessary to experience breakthrough successes in the business.

    – Warren Little

  17. To everyone who posted above. I am currently 24 and agree very much with what Randy has said. I will tell the people that are asking for suggestions with folks “my age”. Excitement, energy, and posture are the keys (as most of you already know.) When I approach individuals regarding my business that fall in between 20-30 you must litterally sit them down, write down their goals, and pursue the goals…not the check for them to join. The sooner you capture a young man or womans goals, and they realize you don’t want their money you want their belief in your company…well…you’ll succeed faster than ever imagined. That is the easiest way to overcome indifference, drawbacks, and skepticsm into today’s 20-30 year old. I was recruiter of the year for the Marine Corps and this way of doing business is how all the super-stars rise to the top. I wish success to everyone!

  18. I think multi-tasking is a frame of mind. I am 65 years old and have 7 children, 21 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren and have a degree in business. My children always hated I could type and hold a conversation with 3 or more of them at the same time I was watching television. So… I really drive presentators crazy when this old, fat, grey-headed woman is making notes, checking email/text, and hearing every word they say… all at the same time!!! And if you wait until tomorrow to “get back” with me… I’ve moved on to the next level. Love your post.

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