What Would You Dare?

Everyone has their “lay down” distributor.  By this I mean we all have someone we can call and say, “Just give me your credit card, you need to do this.”   It doesn’t take much courage to sponsor those people.  But what about the others?

The people you know that earn more money than you, have a higher status job, or more education.  The ones that intimidate you a little.  Or a lot.

The goals that are easily attainable are the easy ones to set.  But what about the daring ones?

Today is a new day.  So what would you do today if you were brave?


21 thoughts on “What Would You Dare?

  1. -RG,

    If I were brave, or let’s say braver I wouldn’t get a rats rear end what they do or what their status is and pick up the phone. I would also quit mind f’enn myself before I pick up the phone and run that failure script threw my head.

    Now back to reality, Please like me oh please!


  2. Randy. This topic has baffled me for a long time. My first run with MLM was 18 years ago and I realized If I was chicken it would last forever. I even showed it to a family friend that worked with a congressman. I was so scared of people and still am to an extent. But I hate pain so for me I just DO IT. If it’s going to be scary I want to get rid of it ASAP. With the MLM I’m with now when I got in 4 years ago I made a decision that if I’m going to do this I’m not going to play with it.

    The pain of discipline is temporary the pain of regret last forever. There was no way I was going to get a call from someone asking me to get in there business and I did not call them first. My advice just get it over with and DO IT. Action builds confidence,and confidence builds action….

  3. If I were brave, I would go into Network Marketing full time. I would have faith that my business is going to take me where I need it to. I would keep training and would talk to people who do make more money than me. They would make better customers than someone who is really struggling to make ends meet. Everyone has an opportunity to say yes or no, Why don’t I give them that chance? Why do I keep being shy and worry so much what to say to people? I want to help them. Why do I shut down? If I were brave, I’d just work my business every day as a business period.

    1. Actually brave is keeping your day job and still finding time to work your MLM business at night. Way too many people quit their jobs too early. So stay focused and you’ll eventually break through. It’s a sacrifice, but it is worth it.


  4. I’m not at all scared to talk with anyone, high or low, famous or not, but I will never take the first contact to give them information about a product or biz op. They have to take contact with me and ASK for more information of what I’m doing. Then I would give them an overview and ask them to study to my website.

  5. Hey Randy. Good to see you last night at Bernie’s power meeting. Thanks for coming over here in the UK.
    Anyway back to your question.
    I think we all have something that scares us a little. For some its driving a car, for others its flying. For others its something as simple as touching raw meat. But the biggest and scariest thing is talking to people we THINK are better than us. Its funny I’ve been in the industry for a little over 5 years and still to this day I would have to sike myself up before I pick up the phone to call someone I think is better than me. Its ludacris. They have two arms the same as me, two legs the same as me, eyes, ears, a nose and mouth the same as me. But because they got an education I still think them better. I think we all go through this, and although I am better at getting past it, if someone has got an answer for how to get past this fear once and for all then I would be please to hear it.
    Keep Moving Forward

      1. Hey Randy, “Not Sponsorable” is wonderful place to be ( :

        Do you know what new media technology tool can help sell more w/ less talk ?

        Call me anytime you are in the States or Canada?

        Keep your toys on the road,
        Mark E Johnson

  6. I am brave already. I don’t separate people by status or education. I look at what I have to offer and what their wants and needs are, and if there is a match bingo. I always remember that I know more than they do about network marketing ,if they have not been involved before, and especially about my company, and I believe in both, so noone can shake that belief. Not everyone says yes, but I am only looking for a few that can see what I see. Now that I’ve said this, I guess am braver than I thought!

  7. Dear Randy. I have just completet one of my bravest moves ever. I think you would be very supprised if you knew what I did. And I think you would have liked it very much.

  8. Love the “Lay Down” distributor comment – so true but my experience has been that they rarely actually do the business, guess to be fair I never gave them the option really.

    I love this industry & know things now that I wish I’d known when I’d got started – it is more like the corporate world that I’ve been a part of in the past than I expected.

    Main thing is give everyone the option regardless of their status – you never know who your “Diamonds” are.

  9. Hey Randy.
    Believe in yourself, develop a confident
    , positive self-image, than people will listen
    , respect and respond to you and success will
    come to you.”
    When you have to make a Speech in any conferance
    “You’re speaking to one person, the rest of them are listening”.

  10. Where there is no VISION (DREAM) the people parish. I DARE to do whatever it takes to be successful. I recently located AWAY from friends and family to a totally new and unknown area to build my MLM business to greater heights! I’ll talk to ANYBODY. I have spoken with Presidents, corporate giants, politicians of every level and the highly educated, as well as the “average joe” and I can tell you it’s just as easy to talk with money as with need – because EVERYONE NEEDS what we have! Or check my blog at truebalance4life.wordpress.com for the daily grind of golden dust.

  11. If i was to do a bold move today i would walk into one of the most expensive high end men’s clothing store, meet 3 new people and exchange contact info. I Did one yesterday but chickened out on meeting someone, I’ll strike again!

  12. No more ifs. Just tell yourself you are.

    I am brave! I am calling everyone on my list. I am prospecting effectively. (the power of an “I Am” statement)

    Anyhow…also remember…if you think you’re brave enough…there’s no room for improvement. You can always become more brave!

  13. Dear Randy

    Where are you? Do take good care of yourself. I know you capable of that. Just want to say I really apppreciate your teaching, guidance and wonderful you-tubes. God bless and shalom from Suzanne

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