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Sell the Pack not the Kit

Sell the pack, not the kit!  So what do I mean by that? Continue reading “Sell the Pack not the Kit”

The Lessons of Failure

Great to see the response to yesterday’s post on your success percentage.  You guys get it, and that’s good.  Now let’s take it a step farther. Continue reading “The Lessons of Failure”

Your Success Percentage

Since it’s the baseball playoffs here in the States, let me use an analogy from the sport… Continue reading “Your Success Percentage”

Your Default Answer

Hey, I have an interesting offer for you.  I want to give you a session of free coaching with me, worth $1,500. Continue reading “Your Default Answer”

Out of Defeat, Victory

I‘ve watched the Steve Jobs Sanford commencement speech a few times this week.  It’s powerful on so many levels.  But probably most because it’s s story of snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. Continue reading “Out of Defeat, Victory”

Finding Potential

One of the most important things you do in Network Marketing is discover potential in people.  And it’s not always an easy job… Continue reading “Finding Potential”

Power Presenting

So I was having dinner at a little Italian café in in Boras, Sweden with Orjan and Hilde Saele, when the topic of speaking came up.  Orjan was suggesting I conduct a high-level training on platform and presenting skills just for Network Marketers.  Continue reading “Power Presenting”

Taking the Stage

One of the best strategies for duplication is using prospecting and presentation tools.  They could be generic such as my Check Out the Biz DVD, or ones created by your company specific to your compensation plan and product line.  Continue reading “Taking the Stage”

How Big is Your Dream?

Nothing may be more important to Network Marketing success than your dream.  Prosperity is created in the mind first… Continue reading “How Big is Your Dream?”

Feed Your Dream

If you’re not active in the business, nothing bad happened to you last month.  (Of course nothing good happened to you either.) Continue reading “Feed Your Dream”

Leading Your Team

Last post we talked about finding the acorn instead of the oak. What we’re really talking about is growing the next generation of leaders. Continue reading “Leading Your Team”

The Oak and the Acorn

Everyone wants to sponsor a “heavy hitter” from another company into their network.  But why would someone who earns $40,000, $60,000 or $100,000 a month walk away from that and start over with your company?  Continue reading “The Oak and the Acorn”

Once Upon a Time

Tom Schreiter likes to say network marketers are the highest paid storytellers in the world.  I believe that’s true. Continue reading “Once Upon a Time”

Harnessing Enthusiasm

There may be no emotion more contagious than enthusiasm.  Especially in Network Marketing.  And enthusiasm inspires action! Continue reading “Harnessing Enthusiasm”

Your Inner State

We’ve often talked of the connection between thought and circumstance.  James Allen tells us that thought and character are one.  So that means that the outer circumstances of your business and life are irrevocably tied to your inner state. Continue reading “Your Inner State”