Sell the Pack not the Kit

Sell the pack, not the kit!  So what do I mean by that?

Well we know that no one likes to be sold, but people love to buy.  So don’t try to “close” people after a first look.  Granted, some will be ready to go, and you should get them locked in.  But many will want to consider it more.

That’s why the first take home pack is so important.  It should include some back up details on the product line, company, and how the comp plan works.  And it must also include something to create emotion and build belief.  And that is usually in the form of CDs or DVDs from top leaders, simply sharing their stories.

The stories are probably the most important part of the pack.  Because most people make decisions based on emotion, not logic.

So stop trying to sell your distributor kit.  Sell the excitement in your take home pack.  Explain what everything is, and highlight a few important things you think the prospect will be interested in, based on their questions.

If they asked a bunch of product questions, show them the part in the catalog that lists ingredients, scientific studies, athlete endorsements, etc.  If their questions were more about money, show them where all the specifics of the compensation plan are.

Then build some excitement for the story discs by edifying the speakers.  EX:  “You’ll love this CD.  It’s Jimmy Smith talking about what the business has done for him and his family.  Put it in your car on the way home.”  Or, “Here’s a DVD of Mary Smith.  She’s one of the most successful people in the business.  Watch it as soon as you get home because you’ll understand everything a lot better.”

Don’t close people, open them.  Just sell them on getting the information they need – by selling the benefits of reviewing the pack –   and let the pack do the real selling.  This way the prospect makes up his or her own mind, and that’s when they really get in.


19 thoughts on “Sell the Pack not the Kit

  1. This is just something really fantastic that I have ever heard of. Its indeed very enlightening to learn & understands real insights of how to help people to overcome emotions to gain excitement & belief. Truly this is good stuff. Thanks a lot for giving me good standing to handle them. God bless

  2. So true Randy. I’ve seen so many try to teach close & Doug Firebaugh said it best in one of his trainings years ago “when you cLOSE, you LOSE”. The goal is to open the door to pursue their journey to the top of the pay plan, not to sell hundreds of kits. That’s one of the things that creates a bad experience for many in our industry.

  3. Yes! I actually am told I’m a pretty good closer, but it’s so much easier when you have a marketing system in place to work the prospects and let them close themselves.

    That’s the magic of proper marketing- letting the marketing prepare the prospect to buy, so you don’t have to do any closing! 🙂

  4. I will call this piece “The Ultimate Science of Prospecting.” You delivered a masterpiece insight here, Randy. Bravo!

  5. There’s no doubt about it that the success stories are the best thing in our business. When I first started and used to travel to a big seminar each month, my kids could hardly wait for me to get in the car and they’d shout ‘tell us the stories!’ I guess it’s like the old adage, ‘facts tell, stories sell.’

  6. Hey Randy,

    People like to hear about the success stories ,because they wants social endorsement,for their emotions which cause hem to buy some products.

  7. True. Still have problem of how I can get your Getting started Cd in Zambia, Southern Africa. Please advise the most convenient way. Regards. Merab

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