The Lessons of Failure

Great to see the response to yesterday’s post on your success percentage.  You guys get it, and that’s good.  Now let’s take it a step farther.

Because here is something I believe with every cell of my body…

Your success is almost always in direct proportion to the amount of failure you have experienced.

Of course there is a catch:  you have to have mastered the failure – and learned the lesson the universe was trying to provide you with it.

– RG

19 thoughts on “The Lessons of Failure

  1. What I have mastered after much trial and error is understanding that what I used to perceive as failure ISN’T failure. I’m just doing my job as a marketer and sharing what I have with others. If someone chooses not to “market” with me, I have not failed, nor have they!

    I’ve actually succeeded because I have done my job, and fulfilled my contract with myself. As a good marketer, I continue to follow up, and know that over time, some will change their minds!

    THAT has been the greatest lesson from the universe – that it’s NOT failure!

    Hope that makes sense!

    EXPECT Success!

    Jackie Ulmer

  2. One of my mentors has told me, that his mentor said, those that succeed keep going past everyone else that quit.

    You simply can not experience success without failure, it’s such a defining moment in your path, you either quit, because you didn’t get the result you wanted, or you get the fire to push past that obstacle, and learn from it, and keep going.

    Those that succeed view failure differently. Anything worth having in life takes work- so keep going- past everyone else who quits, and you’ll experience your success! 🙂

  3. I love and appreciate the lessons I have learned through failing. Every failure has been a stepping stone to bigger and better things in my life, both personally and professionally. The concept of “Failing Forward” excites me!

  4. Yes, but still a tough lesson. It is ingrained in us so young that ‘mistakes’ are bad. This should start in school.

    Go for no.

  5. You know Gage, this is kind of a point where I don’t think we see eye to eye. I believe what you focus on grows and while I’m sure I’ve had an unusual amount of failure, for some reason I don’t remember it nor do I expect it. I expect to sign everyone of them up. Does it happen? No but I believe we focus on the yes’s not the no’s………my 2 cents

  6. That’s good news RG cause it means I have a lot of credit with the universe then!

    On a very positive note I just received copies of my first ‘properly’ published book so I’m defnitely a good example of lots of failure before success!

    Btw I included you in the acknowledgements & thank you for all the inspiration even if I haven’t always agreed with some of what you say 🙂

  7. Great Stuff all.

    Failure is like ‘challenges’ that we all have. We can wallow around in them, the failure, the challenges, the disappointments, or look and learn from our choices, decisions, and rise above.

    Move forward, as the failures of the past are like the wake of the boat: they are behind us, and don’t impact necessarily where we are going, unless we choose to stare at the ‘wake’!

    One of my partners/mentors says, converse of failure, is success, and it can be as simple as “You get knocked down 6 times, but you stand up 7 times!”

    As RG said though, learn from what knocked you down!


  8. Everyone fears failure. However, breakthroughs depend on it. Embrace your mistakes and learn from them. In my experience, it is through failure that I learn how to succeed.

  9. Hey Randy,

    Sometimes the failure is a sign for to change the way of action.
    “In every cloud there is a silver lining”

  10. But should we fail ourselves to understand a lesson? Maybe there should be courses and workshops about failures, so that we knew what not to do without actually failing.

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