The Most Important Person in the Room

Watch the interaction at your next opportunity meeting or training event.  See who everyone thinks the most important person in the room is.

If the top rank and the speaker are two different people, most attendees don’t know who to run after and congregate around.  But of course neither of those people are the most important person in the room…

Because the most important person in the room at your opportunity meeting is your guest.  And the most important person in the room at a training is your new distributor.

Those are the people you want to greet, sit by, introduce around, make comfortable and explain what’s going on!


11 thoughts on “The Most Important Person in the Room

  1. Awesome point. The highest ranking individual and the speaker already know this and they will be focused not on their own recognition or importance, but the recognition of the guest or the new team member and the service they can offer them. This will always be true, “The greatest among you is the servant.”

  2. Thanks, I need to concentrate on potential and existing distributors period..Today I’ll be lunching with a friend who is signing in as a ‘preferred customer’. Have invited my Diamond Director to join us too. Accepted.

    Before lunch, will be at ACCRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority) to make minor changes in ‘Principal Activities’ in my file.

    Ain’t it great!

  3. Easy one to forget so that’s a great reminder. Rather than worrying about our hair and what others think of us, be thinking about how our guests feel cause usually they are nervous.

  4. Hey Randy,

    The most important person is the guest.Because of this we
    need to be interested,not interesting,it’s mean to focus on him.

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