Pay the Price

Here’s the very unsexy thing no one likes to talk about.  But I’ll tell you the truth:

Success doesn’t come without sacrifice or inconvenience.  There is a price for success.  And in Network Marketing, that price is going to include some levels of rejection, no shows, dropouts, skepticism, doubt and fear.  Perhaps even getting let down by a company or two, some government harassment or negative publicity.

That’s the truth.  So what?

No other business has a higher reward ratio.  Pay the price and you’ll live a life most can’t even dream of.

And remember you are overcoming to become.  Which makes it all that much better…

Ain’t it great!

– RG


18 thoughts on “Pay the Price

  1. Good post Randy, so true. Don’t forget about the distributors who tell their prospects this business is easy. It’s fun for sure, but not easy.

  2. Hi Randy,

    I agree, the price you have to pay for the success that can come from the Network Marketing Profession is HUGE! Most people are not willing to do the work needed to have the success that they say they want. What ever it takes is the attitude that people need to have for their success! Just DO IT and it will come!


  3. The price may seem high in the beginning but nothing like the price of sitting in a cubicle 50 hours a week, 2 weeks off a year!

    The reward is SO worth it!

    EXPECT Success!

    Jackie Ulmer

  4. What you regard as a price might be nothing more then a meme thought. It all has to do with goalsetting: If your goal is to enroll new recruits, yes there is the price of rejection to pay. But if your goal is to share the info then all that can happen is that people take the info and reject the opportunity. But YOU have achieved your goal. So there is NO price to pay.
    Change your goal if you don’t want to suffer.

  5. Its not easy. In a day i could have 10 moments of doubt over whether i will succeed in this business. I wish i could be waking up n all i wanted to do was the biz regardless of the results. To do it just because i was helping someone. I guess this is so hard when ur in doubt half the time. I need help, books, videos anything that can help me get over all the doubts about my product n the biz as a whole.

    Thanks Randy for always keeping people like me in check.

    Your #1 fan

  6. Love this post! You’re absolutely right – it ain’t easy, and sometimes can be very frustrating – but the rewards are worth every bit of it! Sure beats building someone else’s business in a corporate environment!

  7. Serve ——– Service to many leads to greatness
    Surrender — Surrender yourself to helping others achieve their dreams
    Sacrifice —- Sacrifice the time, energy, or whatever it takes….

    ….to reach success!

  8. Learned along time ago if I was willing to do today what others weren’t… I’d be able to live today (and I am) like most can’t.

    Thru hard work & persistence I found out that it’s true!!!

  9. Ther person who gave me your article ‘Seven Things That Make a Difference’ commented that you are generous. Now I understand

    I take it that we just zero in on the goal despite sacrifice, inconvenience and problems during the process. Just keep on working, building and pressing in. Home truths sometimes hurt but it is good to know that this is part of the price and it is worth it! Thanks vm

  10. Raymond
    October 20,2011 at 5:39 PM

    Thanks a lot for this post. It builds the reassurance
    that,no matter the obstacle,there is success awaiting
    so one needs to stick on.

    Thank You.

  11. This was very wice words Randy!

    My fiance and I are all in!

    The words you gave us in Boraas, Sweden – was of great help.
    Thanks for letting us take a part in this site as well. It gives us so much!

    Kind Regards from
    Christina Denice & Christoffer (Norway)

  12. Thanks for your sharing. And if I have the right attitude to face obstacles or difficulties I shall overcome! Because God is on my side having people like you to keep me going. Its wonderful.

    God bless

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