It is the Duplication, Stupid

I was counseling with one of my newer leaders and he said, “Looking at all the Diamonds, it’s obvious that they all sponsored their way to Diamond.” 

Conventional wisdom, and it certainly looks that way on the surface.  But that isn’t true.

In a well-structured compensation plan, there are three things you can count on…

1)   You can’t sponsor your way to the top.

2)   You can’t buy your way to the top.

3)   You can’t sell your way to the top.

You have to duplicate your way to the top.  So what’s the lesson for you today?


13 thoughts on “It is the Duplication, Stupid

  1. Excellent point Mr Gage! I’ve seen so many people in MLM who try to do all the recruiting themselves thinking THEY will build the whole team, or even sell enough product themselves to get to the top of their comp plan…never works.

    Time and time again we hear the same mantra: “Get a large group of people, to do a few simple things over a sustained period of time”…and time and time again that priceless bit of wisdom gets totally ignored.

    The Network Marketing business model is certainly different, and I understand new people come in with the belief that a lot of personal sponsoring or mass retailing will get them to the top…but it’s the art of creating and maintaining a duplicatable system that ends up being the winner every time!

    1. It’s a play on an expression that James Carville coined when he was running the Clinton presidential campaign. He said the key to winning was, “It’s the economy, stupid.”


  2. I can’t sponsor/buy/sell my way to the top. Randy, noted and thanks.
    By the way, this morning I am reading ‘Unstoppable’ by Cynthis Kersey. Scott De Garmo wrote, ;I loved the book. I honestly think that ‘Unstoppable’ is this generation’s replacement for N.H’s ‘Think and Grow Rich’

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Yes, this is true, many people think that network marketing – you need to go and harass people and their ugovarivat buy the product, is really just need to build a network of consumption, that’s how I understand the network marketing

  4. If I am to re-christen our industry I’ll name it Duplication Marketing System. Why? Because if you ain’t duplicating, you ain’t different from the regular insurance (and other traditional) salespersons. And that means you ain’t working for freedom. Like Robert Kiyosaki pointed out in one of his books, a wise entrepreneur builds his business by understanding that “a system is a bridge to freedom.” And from what I’ve been able to grasp from my just over a year in the industry, it is a good system that will bring duplication. And duplication will ultimately bring freedom (both time and financial freedom) in the long run.

  5. My mind is made up. I will stop talking about duplication and start doing something about it. Today I start by creating an audio tool for Starter Kit orientation session for my entire team to use with their new people.

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