Building Backwards

Let me share something I talked about on my Diamond team call this morning.  Building backwards.

Here’s what this looks like…

It begins with the vision I have of my ultimate goal, which is to grow our team to two million people.  I own that goal.  I know what it will mean for me, my team, and the people they will help.  I know what it will mean to the work my company’s foundation will be able to do.

Now that’s a massive goal that could take 20 years, it might be 15, or perhaps it can be done in ten.  But that’s still a long way off, and to reach your goals, you have to chunk them down and have action steps along the way.

So from there, I move backwards to my next convention in September 2012.  I want at least 15,000 members from my team there.   So that means I need to be planning NOW.

How you close October is how you open November, as how you close November will be how you open December, as how you close 2011 – will be how you open 2012.

So I worked backward from that event, to the major event that will take place before that.  To the local monthly events, that will feed those majors.  To the weekly events, that will feed the monthly ones.  Then to the number of markets I need doing those weekly and monthly events.

So what do you want to accomplish in 2012?

The business is built from event to event.  So what’s a big event you can use for a guidepost?  How many major events will you have to build before that one?  What are the local events that feed that and how many do you need.  And most importantly, what is THE NEXT event you have coming up that you should be promoting right now?  And what can you do to sell some tickets for it today?


24 thoughts on “Building Backwards

  1. People don’t plan to fail, they simply fail to plan. If you don’t begin with the end in mind, you just will never get where you want to go. Setting the example for your team (Even when you don’t have one yet) is vital for your long-term success. Set the pace and tone for others to follow. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about traditional business or mlm – they both take the same visionary approach. One of my mentors said to plan weekly but implement daily! Think globally but start by building locally! Have a plan Sam!

  2. Great article Randy. Thanks to it, I have just updated my goal from
    “Earn 10,000 euro by 30-06-2012 by qualifying Millionnaire Team”

    to an easier to breakdown

    “Lead my team of 100 supervisors by 30-06-2012 (hence qualify Millionnaire”

    PS: to date I only have 40 supervisors, so I need to build the biz more from event to event, as you suggest.


    1. MMmmmm, probably I have updated it one more time to be even more specific

      “Bring my downline sales team of 100 supervisors to the Barcelona Extravaganza in September 2012 (hence qualify Millionnaire team and earn 10,000 euro passive income”

      What do you think Randy?

  3. Hey Randy’

    Everything begins with a vision.All the great deeds created from a idea in the mind of someone.
    “1. Nurture your mind with Great thoughts, for you will never go any higher than you think — Benjamin Disraeli.

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  17. Swell post, dillOn. Your ability to spell mine and sEan’s name correctly was both inspiring and flattering. In saying, we will both take copies of your book, as previously stated. Keep on keeping on..earn your stripes… Hugs not drugs… Mess with the bull, get the horns…& whatever other clichés that would keep you warm at night.

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