Finding Potential

One of the most important things you do in Network Marketing is discover potential in people.  And it’s not always an easy job…

The biggest problems in the business usually center around people issues.  We bring in lots of new people every month.  Many have only been employees and never owned their own business before.  Many have low levels of confidence and self-esteem.  You’re going to have alcoholics, drug addicts, people with unmet childhood needs, insecure people, others with big egos and lots of other things that need to be worked on.

But mostly you’re going to have people who are desperately looking for someone to believe in them.  You can be that someone.

You up for that?


13 thoughts on “Finding Potential

  1. This is such a rewarding profession, where you can honestly change someone’s life by believing in them, supporting them, and allowing them to grow into their potential. BUT, there is always a line. Always believe in someone, uplift someone, but do not let them burden you, because that serves no one. And that can drag you down.

    Believe in your people, support your team, and make sure to focus on people that are taking action- even small action steps.. because once they get the encouragement, it feels great, they build up their esteem a little more, and are ready to take more steps!

    What an exciting profession!

    1. Hi, Kristen ~

      “Well Written!” … Always Interested In What You Have To Say! .. “YOU ROCK!”

      There is “MAGIC In This Industry!” ~ “Pure Magic!” ~

  2. Great post as always. One can begin by being the person looking for someone that believes in him, then grow and learn and be the one who will believe in other. That’s the magic of this industry.

  3. People matter, things don’t. The more you respect, honor, and listen to people the more effective you can be at meeting their needs and building their self esteem. It’s an old cliche’, but it is still true; “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” It’s impossible to truly care about others without believing in their potential.
    Thanks for the wisdom, and yes, I for one am up for the challenge!

  4. Excellent post! Understanding the needs of our partners is crucial. They’re coming from all walks of life — typically programmed with a lifetime of negativity. Believing in them is a catalyst to their productivity and ultimately their success.


  5. When we work with a people we must calculate to their character,behave,past , but f we will be able help and convict them about their best side of character , than they will give us more .That means we can`t thing only like hard businessman but we should know more about them a sympathize with them.


  6. Yes and it’s a romantic notion but in reality the majority of people who come through our doors don’t give it enough time before giving up on themselves.

    Then you can believe in them all you like. Some of your downline go on believing and believing in their new people and you feel like shaking them and saying ‘he doesn’t want to do it – just let him go now!’

    Move on …

    And then there are the sponsors who think they need to be the saviour for their people and provide therapy which is a rocky road to madness.

    It’s a steep learning curve which is why it’s best to look for people who already have self-esteem and some business experience. The others will turn up anyway and good luck with that!

  7. When you believe in your people ,teach them “how to fish”, they build up their esteem and self confidence little by little . At last they become ready for being qualified to be the leaders.

  8. All the baggage that people bring to the table makes them difficult to manage. Believing in someone only goes so far. Until they learn to believe in themselves nothing will change for them. Convincing someone to believe in themselves is the hardest thing to do in any business.

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