Feed Your Dream

If you’re not active in the business, nothing bad happened to you last month.  (Of course nothing good happened to you either.)

But if you are an active builder, some bad things probably happened…

You probably faced some rejection.  Faced some people issues.  Had team members quit.  That’s okay; that just means you’re working and making progress.

That’s why you have to feed your dream every day…

Have a prosperity map in your bedroom.  Know what the next rank you can achieve is and have a goal for getting there.  Get a brochure for the bonus car and/or trip you want to earn.

Burn these dreams in your subconscious mind and they will pull you toward them.

You in?

– RG


9 thoughts on “Feed Your Dream

  1. Thanks so much for THIS post! Today of all days I needed it! I’ve had a very down day from the start….I was determined to not let the things get control of my attitude…..but I did….each negative thing that happened put me further and further down…..how awful! So I had a few things go wrong today, as you say, that made me aware of things I need to change and do different….and since I learned it’s a sign that I’m going somewhere,,,,doesn’t always seem the right direction,,,,but bit by bit I’m making progress…..I am just not feeling good and tired today and let that get me down…thanks,

  2. Hey Randy,

    when you’re active in the business, some bad things
    happened, and some good things happened to you also

    “When your Why is so big, you will see the How “

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