Leading Your Team

Last post we talked about finding the acorn instead of the oak. What we’re really talking about is growing the next generation of leaders.

And there may be no more important job you do…

So let’s take the opportunity to remind you about two resources that are vital for that.

1)  Get the Special Report  “The 7 Laws of Network Marketing Leadership” and make sure you get the word out to everyone on your team.  Find it here:

2)  The Mega-MLM Home Study Program.  This is the most advanced training on Network Marketing that has ever been offered in our profession.  It’s not for everyone, but if you want to be a multi-million-dollar producer – it’s exactly what you need.  Get the details here:  http://www.networkmarketingtimes.com/store/mega-mlm/

These can help you find and develop your next generation of leaders.  And that’s the name of that tune!


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