The Oak and the Acorn

Everyone wants to sponsor a “heavy hitter” from another company into their network.  But why would someone who earns $40,000, $60,000 or $100,000 a month walk away from that and start over with your company? 

And how many people that earn that much would consider a sponsor who earns dramatically less than they do?  Here’s another idea…

Instead of trying to sponsor the heavy hitter – how about you become the heavy hitter? 

Work hard.  Learn the profession.  Develop skills.  And here’s what else may happen…

You develop your own heavy hitters!  The mighty oak lives in the acorn.  Maybe you stop looking for oak trees and start looking for acorns.

You up for that?


18 thoughts on “The Oak and the Acorn

  1. It took me my first three years in the industry to realize this. Even though I became a student of the system, I wanted to take that knowledge and teach others…but all I was doing was going deeper and deeper into Management Mode.

    Leading by example « I believe that is definitely the key to success. When we make the decision to become the best team member in our business, all else will fall into place.

    Many thanks for your dedication to keeping us inspired & informed.


  2. Very true. People always want that golden ticket person. But Leaders always join Leaders.

    Your Network Marketing business is just a business, and in order for it to grow, there is no magic, work consistently.

    And become the heavy hitter yourself! 🙂

  3. Raymond

    September 26, at 8:36 PM

    Thank you for the eye opener.
    It is a great deal better to learn more about MLM
    and become the oak ,rather than looking for oak.
    Thank you once again.

  4. Great! This makes so much sense! We each have to make that conscious decision to lead by example. I believe that there are many incredible acorns out there (and I know I have a few) that, with the proper leadership, will become great oaks!

  5. My consciousness has grown so much that I refuse to sponsor people or even talk to people that are already involved in the profession.

    One thing is for sure if I steal someone from a different company then what message am I sending down into my network? Yes, that it’s ok to go potching. Where is the abundance mindset there?

  6. I love this conversation because I had one just like this today with one of my mover/shaker team partners. She was saying how she didn’t know how to attract “heavy hitters” and I said – WHOA, stop right there, let’s talk about that.

    First, that is not your goal. It’s VERY tough and not duplicable! You are looking for the emerging leaders and you never know who that is going to be; what they look like in the beginning; or whether YOU will sponsor that person or someone else on your team!

    Be the best you can be, work on yourself and attract the new “heavy hitters” who don’t have that title yet. Grow yourself into one, and then assist others!

    EXPECT Success!

    Jackie Ulmer

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