Once Upon a Time

Tom Schreiter likes to say network marketers are the highest paid storytellers in the world.  I believe that’s true.

Because the greatest people in our business don’t spout fact, figures, or statistics…

They tell stories.  Paint pictures.  Create an image in the mind of the prospect.

As Bill Gove, my mentor in the speaking profession used to say, “Tell a story; make a point.  They’ll remember the story, so they’ll remember the point.”

So how you doing on that?


14 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time

  1. Stories sell, facts tell! And it’s always good to have a reminder of this. We can often get so bogged down in babbling about FEATURES and we forget the stories and BENEFITS, which is what the prospect cares about!

    EXPECT Success!

    Jackie Ulmer

  2. Story telling is so powerful, I have studied how you do it, Randy, in all of your trainings.

    7 years ago when I started in the home business industry, the most important part of what I was doing, was to build a story.

    I didn’t have a product story, but I had a very powerful income/business story-

    that was part of the script we used.

    Ahh yah, the good ole days of calling leads and reading a script-

    It worked for me back then, create a powerful story,

    and it works today as I have a powerful one with my new company.

    Everyone should checkout how Randy trains in all of this cds/ videos, etc-

    he tells stories. And makes the training so enjoyable! 🙂


  3. This is one of the things that I like- telling stories. At school I have got highest prize in a fairy tale competition. In the past I did it for free, in Network Marketing I can get also money. Excellent! Need to train skills more and more.

  4. You’re right Randy! With stories you can make connections with people. Stories engage both side of the brain, the logical side and the emotional, intuitive side.

    Have you ever been sitting in traffic in a lane that doesn’t seem to be moving and see people switching to a lane next to you that seems more empty? Frustrating isn’t it? So you change lanes. And no sooner do you change lanes than your original lane begins moving and the ones you are in slows down.

    That’s exactly what happens to networkers who chase this month’s hot new start up. History shows that those who are constantly “changing lanes” to the hot new start up never make as much as those who focus on one company for the long haul.

    See how that story stuff works ?

  5. That’s precisely why Networking Times just dedicated an entire issue to WRITING and how to become a better communicator for your business, featuring Randy Gage in the lead, as well as John David Mann, another master story teller. Pick up an issue at Barnes and Nobles or online at NetworkingTimes.com and learn to master the art of story telling,

  6. It must be said that, at first, all I had was facts and figures. Things were fairly slow until I was able to start telling stories about my own experiences with the products and those told to me by my customers. So starts the snowball!

  7. Great! Randy, your reminder is so timely and crucial. By the way I sent you a newly launched book by our Minister Mentor ‘telling stories’ about how he grew a nation of Singapore from a little red dot – from third world to first world entitled ‘Hard Truths’ Enjoy! It takes about 10 days to arrive.

  8. There is so much to write on what works and doesn’t work with effective business storytelling! I’ve been helping business do this for years. The most common mistake is telling people about a story, instead of actually sharing your first-hand experience of what happened. If you want to assess your biz storytelling skills, take my free assessment at http://www.juststoryit.com/StoryIQ.

    In addition, to help any kind of business craft and share their stories more effectively, I curate the best content I can find from across the web with how-to tips, examples, and applications. Just go to my home page to check it out.

    Thanks and keep sharing your stories!

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