Harnessing Enthusiasm

There may be no emotion more contagious than enthusiasm.  Especially in Network Marketing.  And enthusiasm inspires action!

Think of enthusiasm as the power that allows you to transmute rejection, failures, and obstacles into persistence.  Enthusiasm allows you to override those things and move forward anyway.

Here are some ways to make this work for you:

  • Have a goal you want to reach.
  • Revisit that goal every morning.
  • Share that goal with someone who will support you in reaching it.
  • Do daily self-development to keep a positive attitude.
  • Let your goal pull you toward it.

You up for that?

P.S.  And THANK YOU for sharing these posts every day.  Your enthusiasm makes all the work worth it!



13 thoughts on “Harnessing Enthusiasm

  1. It is so critical to always think where are you going- what’s the long term vision. Having a vision board helps so much! And during those times where you’re hitting bumps in the road because nothing worth having in life comes super easy, you must remember your end goal, and that will keep you pushing through! 🙂

    Thanks RG!

  2. Thank’s Randy!!!! I needed that right now, as I was wondering how I ever was going to get there – these thoughts sometimes gets to you :)))

  3. Thanks Randy for reminding us of the power enthusiasm brings. As a book title I saw sometime ago said, “Enthusiasm Makes the Difference!”

  4. Wow powerful stuff this is were success lies. I recently joined another MLM company and the guy who signed me up is a genious he is able to make everyone he meets feel like there his best friend and he is super genuine.


  5. Nothing worth doing is even possible without enthusiasm. It is different than being excited…though I suspect if you can manufacture excitement you are real close to producing enthusiasm too. Finding a group to mastermind enthusiasm may be more important that using the law of association to increase your income… and they are all connected!

    Thank you Randy.

  6. Enthusiasm is the fuel that keeps one going…
    It’s like dream, when all things want to stop you, your dream with enthusiasm keep you going…
    Thanks for your great work and post.

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