Your Inner State

We’ve often talked of the connection between thought and circumstance.  James Allen tells us that thought and character are one.  So that means that the outer circumstances of your business and life are irrevocably tied to your inner state.

So what does your business look like right now? 

Is it profitable or putting you further in the hole?  Is it energized or dreary?  Is it growing or stagnant?

And what does that tell you about your inner state?




8 thoughts on “Your Inner State

  1. I find that if my thoughts are focus on me such as What should I do? How can I make better choices? How can I make more money? My negative self talk comes up almost immediately.

    However if I am focused on another person and how can I be of service or help to them, those little grembin thoughts don’t have space for their voice…..

    It has been somthing that I’ve been noticing since being in Send Out Cards. Can’t stay there all the time but it has been a illuminationg lesson.

  2. I have created that inner state and it is THE dream world. I knew it, I knew I knew it, I did the correct activities since January 2008 and now I have to keep my feet on the ground, the cabrio mercedes the house on the hill all are unfolding like the teachings of the rich and successful. My wish is for ALL to discover the riches on demand. It works, it works, it works.
    I cannot put it any simpler.
    Mr.Move it! (Austria,Europe)

  3. Raymond
    September 30,2011 at 8:30 AM

    I have not really done so much on the aspect mentioned
    in your post.

    But I now have to apply the strategy.


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