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Getting Unstuck

So I’m writing this from the Aston Martin dealership.  And while Monday morning is probably not a big day for car sales, this place is a ghost town.  The adjoining Maserati showroom has six vacant sales offices and not a salesman in sight. Continue reading “Getting Unstuck”

Overcoming Rejections

The single biggest fear for most people in Network Marketing is facing rejection.  There’s a good chance that’s true for you. Continue reading “Overcoming Rejections”

Leading Your Team

“The single biggest challenge to any organization is the constant cloud of fear and doubt that swirls around the heads of the people involved.  As a leader, your job is to hold fast to the big picture, to keep seeing in your mind’s eye, with crystal clarity, where it is you’re going—that place that right at this moment exists only in your mind’s eye.   And to keep seeing that, even when nobody else does.  Continue reading “Leading Your Team”


So I’m on a plane to California to the Real Savvy Success conference.  Next month I’ll be at Art Jonak’s Mastermind event.  I’ll be speaking at both of them, but that’s not really why I go.

I go to sharpen my own saw.

I go early and stay late to catch as many other speakers as I can.  Then each year I find two or three other conferences where I can just attend completely as a student.  Because if I’m not growing, I’m moving backward.

And the same is true for you…

Are you reading books this week?  Listening to audios?  Watching some personal growth videos?  Do you invest in yourself and your future by attending events to learn?

It may be the most important thing you do.


Setting the Pace

Last post we talked about giving your people room to grow.  But another element of that is the example you set.  It’s not about doing things for them, but modeling the behavior you want them to learn. Continue reading “Setting the Pace”

Leaving Some Oxygen

I just received my fourth ring this weekend for being the worldwide top income earner in my company.  I’m honored, but not stupid enough to think it’s an individual award.  In fact, no award may be more team oriented than this one.  Continue reading “Leaving Some Oxygen”

The Power of Belief

I just arrived for a major event this weekend and have been planning my keynote for the last few weeks. The topic I decided upon is the awesome power of belief. Continue reading “The Power of Belief”

Talking About Duplication

Remember that interview with Allen Iverson after his coach called him out about practice?  Watch the video again: Continue reading “Talking About Duplication”

The Secret to Motivation

Let me be tough on you for a minute.  Do me a favor:  stop looking for your sponsor, company, or some motivational speaker to motivate you.  How about you look in the mirror and motivate yourself? Continue reading “The Secret to Motivation”

Growing through Leadership

Everyone wants to be a big success in the business.  But not everyone is willing to do what it takes.  They’re not willing to become a leader. Continue reading “Growing through Leadership”

Why You Pick Up the Phone

Thoreau talked of men living lives of quiet desperation.  Were he alive today he would probably have spoken of loud desperation.  Continue reading “Why You Pick Up the Phone”

The Moment of Truth

There is a pivotal moment that happens in the presentation that every prospect sees.  And it is in this exact instant that 99 percent of the time determines whether or not the prospect joins your business. Continue reading “The Moment of Truth”

Time for a Checkup

Yeesh, it’s August 18th already!  Before you know it, the month will be over.  So how are you doing on the goals you set for the month – and the year?  Continue reading “Time for a Checkup”

So What?

Here’s the truth:  Some people have better contacts than you.  Some are more persuasive.  Others have more money to invest.  Yet others make better presentations. Continue reading “So What?”