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The Kind of Leader You Are

The greatest leaders in Network Marketing (or anything else) don’t build belief in themselves. Continue reading “The Kind of Leader You Are”

Will Trumps Skill

Hope you spent some time thinking about the last post about the lessons you can learn from Tadd and some of the dancers from the TV show.  Think about it… Continue reading “Will Trumps Skill”

Is Training and Technique Overrated?

So tonight is the results show of So You Think You Can Dance in the States, where the season eight winner will be crowned.  (Record it, because it will be the most delightful two hours on television this year.)  It’s hands down my favorite show on television.  And it offers a fascinating lesson for Network Marketing.  (Or any business)… Continue reading “Is Training and Technique Overrated?”

Become a Rock Star

So many people in the business are grinders.  This is sad because it’s so unnecessary.  But they don’t know how to break the cycle. Continue reading “Become a Rock Star”


So it was an intriguing question one of my Twitter followers asked:  They wanted to know, “Who is most responsible for your confidence?”  I had a simple answer: Continue reading “Confidence”

Losing Negative Scripts

There are a lot of negative scripts floating around as the results of mind viruses.  Especially in our business.  Continue reading “Losing Negative Scripts”

Getting Better

I’m here in Anaheim at the Influence ’11 event I told you about.  It’s the 4th day of what has to be the most amazing training I’ve ever experienced.  Every presenter is absolutely killing it.  Continue reading “Getting Better”

The Inconvenience of Success

Boy is success inconvenient!  It takes work, interrupts your routine, and requires you to grow. Continue reading “The Inconvenience of Success”

Building the Dream

Last post we looked at the new member orientation you should immediately start all your people on when they join the business.  Here’s the other key thing… Continue reading “Building the Dream”

Starting Your New People Right

For years now I’ve been saying the same thing:  You make or break your new team members in the first two weeks.  And the first 48 hours is critical. Continue reading “Starting Your New People Right”

Building Your Team Culture

Last post I mentioned that the most difficult aspect of our business is the people issues.  These present the biggest challenges to leadership.  And they’re encompassed in an even larger issue…

Continue reading “Building Your Team Culture”

The Real Skills You Need

As I do my training, the most requested topic is always recruiting.  But that is not the most important skill set you need for success in Network Marketing. Continue reading “The Real Skills You Need”

Discipline Leads to Freedom

If I had to quantify the one thing that keeps people from success in Network Marketing, it would have to be the lack of self-discipline.  Continue reading “Discipline Leads to Freedom”

The Money is Here

You are going to have people tell you MLM doesn’t work.  Or that you can’t make money in it.  So let me remind you of a simple truth… Continue reading “The Money is Here”

Lead Yourself

When I first began in Network Marketing, I made the classic mistake of many beginners:  thinking that you can sponsor a few people and then manage them into making you rich.  Continue reading “Lead Yourself”