So it was an intriguing question one of my Twitter followers asked:  They wanted to know, “Who is most responsible for your confidence?”  I had a simple answer:


Because if you don’t believe in you, why would anyone else?


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  1. Greeting Randy,

    This is the one thing that many people miss, that THEY are and NEED to be responsible for their inner self confidence.

    Thanks for sharing this once again, it is one of the things that falls in the category of – Repetition is the Mother of All Learning.

    Preparation builds Confidence and Confidence Leads to Success.

    Be Blessed,

    Robert “Buck” Buchholz

  2. Randy,for couples of years i have been trying to overcome fearness and being shy,bt i just gained comfidence from no where,its just there man,i love being confident..

  3. Who is responsible? Interesting position. It is a temptation to find someone responsible, culpable or as a reason for the events in my life. Especially if the events did not occur at the scenario that I wanted to.

  4. Hi Randy,

    Yes, I agree with you. As long as we have reached accountability age we should be responsible for our lives and not be a ‘cop out’ and blame the whole world for our ‘confidence issue’. Some will ask ‘is it nature or nurture?’ so I guess we have to press on and develop our confidence quotient whilst running the race…..


  5. Hi Randy,

    We forget at times that all we seek is within.

    Want more confidence? Look within. Want more money? Look within.

    Nothing outside of you changes your life. You might choose to be inspired by something outside of you, but who’s doing the choosing?

    Change your mindset and your outside world changes.

    Thanks for sharing Randy.


  6. Hey Randy,

    “The self-image and self confidence was influenced by the people that was closed to us in the past. The thought and the imagination are creating the reality
    When someone wants to be successful in his life he has to change his mind set. First of all not accept a limiting belief, and have the courage to success.
    He needs to believe in himself , than other people will believe in him So he can go as far as his mind lets him. Anything is possible”

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