Losing Negative Scripts

There are a lot of negative scripts floating around as the results of mind viruses.  Especially in our business. 

And most of them are lies…

Our products are too expensive.  Really?  There’re still selling a lot of Bentleys these days.

I don’t know that many people.  How come you wanted to invite so many to your wedding?

People are too conservative in my town.  Really?  How come they’re joining all those other companies?  And other people in your company.

People are afraid it’s a pyramid.  Let’s get real:  That hasn’t been a viable objection in at least ten years.

One of the childhood scripts I carried forward was, “How can someone so smart be so stupid?”  I must have heard that a thousand times.  So subconsciously I believed it.  And it wasn’t until I recognized that and released it that I could allow myself to become successful.

It’s really worth some critical thinking to uncover any negative scripts you may be carrying around that aren’t really true.




15 thoughts on “Losing Negative Scripts

  1. What is “hard”? Working 80 p/wk and away from your family is hard. Being bullied at your job is “hard”. I think that represents about 90+% of people working in a job today, isn’t it?

  2. All that people are not self-reliant simply. And I notice that there are many young ambitious people appears in our country and they don’t ask questions like that. They go and do.

  3. Randy what you say is very true, mind viruses are in our minds, not just in this business, but unwittingly disturb us in our entire existence.
    1 º. We must recognize that we have negative thoughts
    2 º. Work to remove them.
    I understand that one of the cures for these mind viruses is to discriminate the information we put in our head every day and taking a daily read for personal development.
    And what else?

  4. Raymond

    Aug.4, 2011 at 6:53 PM

    The negative scripts which have eaten deep into the bone marrows of a greater percentage of net workers,myself included, is a major obstacle that needs to be exterminated.

    Thank you so much for the timely reminder.

  5. Hi Randy,

    When I hear such ‘untruths’ I think partly it is due to their ignorance or they have been misguided. Then I realize that the blessed ones are those who press on and work singlemindedly with a dogged determination to become successful like your goodself because you said that Network Marketing works! Now, I am very carefull who I fellowship with for fear of receiving incorrect input/influence and really cannot afford to as am just starting out seriously. (Have been a consumer for quite a while)


  6. Hey Randy

    “Networking Marketing isn’t always hard and difficult,because as you said:
    when you believe in you, other people believe in you”.RG”

  7. Ya randy, u’re true, but some hav misused mlm, nd they were kept behind the bars, by seeing those consequences, my guests r not joining, wat to do?

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