Discipline Leads to Freedom

If I had to quantify the one thing that keeps people from success in Network Marketing, it would have to be the lack of self-discipline. 

Because here’s what we know…

Network Marketing works.  The debate is over.  We have 60 some years of proven results.  Odds are very good that your company works.  If you have people doing it successfully, then we can make that assumption.

Now we can look at things that seem to be the culprit:

Not having the right skills, not knowing enough people, doubting yourself, etc.  But these are the symptoms.  And all of those symptoms can be cured with daily activities if you have the discipline to stick with them.  Skills can be developed, belief can be built, and confidence can be gained.  But doing so requires that you have the self-discipline to get in the game every day and take the actions required.

It’s become a cliché to say that the only people who lose are the ones to quit.  But that’s the truth.


15 thoughts on “Discipline Leads to Freedom

  1. So true about the selfdiscipline – can’t talk for others than myself, but I definately could better that 🙂 Thank’s Randy!

  2. Yes, again the same, self-discipline.

    Anyone who has reached success has been disciplined to do every day of the same things that strengthen the skills and make a master. Ballet dancer, musician, painter, teacher, businessman …

    Want to be great? Be self-disciplined. Otherwise have to settle for mediocrity.

  3. Self discipline is crucial. If you believe in yourself, you can do it.
    I believe in all of Randy’s work also…it is so real!

  4. Coming from a guru I will seriously take heed and ‘treat it like a job’, meaning everyday must work. Will up date you Randy. Thanks vm.

  5. Well said Randy. Self-Discipline is something I had to learn when I became my own boss 3+ years ago. I never realized the importance of this wealth principle until that turning point of my life.

    As you say, it truly leads to freedom — I call it the 360° Lifestyle — physically, spiritually, mentally, professionally and financially.


  6. So true and even if you don’t take choose giant leaps as we all hope for,…even babysteps will get you there. One step at the time will get you closer then standing still

  7. Great post Randy. DMO is what it’s about. Daily Method of Operation. And your commitment to it. There are 4 things that make you money in NWM.
    1) make a list of names and never stop.
    2) Contact people
    3) show the plan / product. Tell the story your story, the product story, the company story.
    4) follow up and don’t stop following up even after they join.

    We are launching in India and my DMO and commitment to the 4 steps is keeping me very busy up late and up early. But that’s where the fruit grows out on the edge.

    See you at the TOP.

    Vincent St.Louis

  8. Hey Randy.

    Self-discipline,and persistence is needed for to get success in anything.
    In the MLM business,everyone has the freedom to decide for himself when ,where and how much time to dedicate for his business.There isn’t any boss who give instuction.Because of this Self-discipline,and persistence are important for one who whants to be successful in his business.

  9. It’s true…as Jim Rohn said “Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines practiced every day” i love that quote! Discipline is essential for success. Great article.

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