The Money is Here

You are going to have people tell you MLM doesn’t work.  Or that you can’t make money in it.  So let me remind you of a simple truth…

Network Marketing and direct selling companies will do well over $100 billion this year.  In fact, Amway just had their first $1 billion MONTH!  Now different companies pay out different amounts for commissions…

But a VERY conservative number would be payouts of 35 percent to the field.  So that means you, I, and our colleagues will cash bonus checks of more than $35 billion this year.

Just a little reminder to keep you focused…




24 thoughts on “The Money is Here

  1. Yes it is the way make big money! Very good!

    PD: Randy I need to ask you something. What is atraction MLM by internet? How does it work? If it work for long term.

  2. Hey Randy,

    President Bill Clinton said that MLM will help the economy to prosper and thrive, and he was right in this saying.In the book “Wave 4 by Richard Poe ,
    Wave 4 shows them how network marketing can help them achieve exciting financial goals in the 21st century!

  3. Great stuff Randy. Nike and coke pay out millions to one 10 to 20 athletes and people don’t even think about that. NWM pays out billions to millions of people. I think I will stick with our marketing plan. India here I come.

  4. A 1 billion dollar MONTH?? That is amazing. How many companies in the traditional corporate world can say that and, more importantly, how many have an open door policy to anyone who wants to earn a piece of it?

    Yes, Randy, Network Marketing certainly works!

  5. Well, if I properly sheltered, then
    the world around 7 billion people and a month in MLM pay 3.5 billion, that is 0.5 USD per person
    Latvian population of 2 million, so the potential is $ 1 million in commissions ….
    Ohhh … how much to do here!

  6. This is very true.
    But is difficulty also to grow a stable team for a short time especially in africa where this business style is not so common.but we are moving……..

    “Together we will change the world system”

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