The Real Skills You Need

As I do my training, the most requested topic is always recruiting.  But that is not the most important skill set you need for success in Network Marketing.

The most important thing is people skills.

Your biggest issues won’t be product related, your comp plan, or the marketing materials.  It won’t even be product recalls, back orders or negative publicity.

It will be ego clashes, marriage problems, communication misunderstandings, and out of check egos.  It will be discord between relationships between you and your team, or between your leaders and their teams.

So make sure you make working on these skills a big part of your self-development program.  Books like Dale Carnegie, The Five Love Languages, keeping your ego in check, and being willing to apologize will do more to grow your group than just about anything else.

People come into our business with all sorts of baggage.  Most have never been in business for themselves.  Many have never had leadership positions.  So there’s a lot to learn for both you and them.

Make a point to get better at this and it will really make a difference for you.


16 thoughts on “The Real Skills You Need

  1. Wow I couldnt agree with you more. I have experienced this on my team with myself at first having to learn to listen and learn how to deal with the different type of characteristics of people. And then again helping leaders learn to deal with their respective teams. Very good advice right on point as usual.

  2. Hey Randy,
    The most important thing is to know how to communicate and get along with people, and the others membes of the team.

    “Each of us need all of us and all of us need each of us”
    (Jim Rohn)

  3. Yes … my ego is my friend and enemy. Although it seems to me that I am such a so good human being, it turns out that always could be even better. I’ll be the best when I will be able to show and make believe everyone else how much he is better than I and person what he has ever thought of yourself

  4. Randy that is so true. I have seen Pride and Ego kill a distributorship. Our ability to keep our pride and ego into check will determine how fast and how far we grow.
    Remember it’s not about you. You have to not only deal with your Ego but also of the many Egos in your team. You know the saying ” this business would be easy if you didn’t have to deal with people” Product is product , comp. plan these don’t change much and are the same for everyone. but you and your team is different from any other. As I expand into new markets the need to grow and change gets more and more difficult. As we launch into India I will deal with a new culture and new challenges. Every culture brings new challenges.

    The Pride comes before the FALL.

    Thanks for all you do


  5. Raymond
    July 23,2011 at 8:46 Pm

    Ego, is the most unrecognized enemy,that creates discord.
    This post is a great reminder

    Thank You.

  6. Yes, communication is a very big key. Also, to be successful in network marketing we need to be a servant. There is no room for ego if we are a good servant.

  7. Almost every leader will tell you that little happened for them until they began to work on themselves. We ask our team to send in their PARQ every day. What personal development have you done today (cd’s and books), what actions have you taken to build your business, what results have you had, and do you have any questions? Include time spent on each activity.

    This keeps partners accountable to us, us accountable to them, but most importantly, partners accountable to themselves. Ultimately, that’s where their success lies.

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