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Reaching Your Goals

Progress in Network Marketing is a steady process of achieving goals.  So let me share something pretty simple, but pretty profound… Continue reading “Reaching Your Goals”

Creating Momentum

I’m writing this post on Malaysian Airlines flight 124, traveling from Sydney, Australia to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.  We’re in a double decker 747, which is 231 feet 10 inches long and 63 feet 8 inches high. In addition to the 359 people we’re carrying (including the guy behind me who’s at least 40 pounds overweight), we’re carrying 57, 285 gallons of fuel.  Continue reading “Creating Momentum”

Finding the Missing Link

Last post I suggested that when you earn $500 a month and your sponsor earns $50,000 a month – you ought to listen to her! Continue reading “Finding the Missing Link”

Results Do Not Lie

I have some people in my organization (and in this blog) that doubt my system.  They make arguments for new and exciting techniques, which they say are superior to what I teach.  Continue reading “Results Do Not Lie”

Certain Prospects

Let me share something quite shocking with you.  You want to know who the very best prospects are?  The ones that are certain to join sooner or later? Continue reading “Certain Prospects”

The Price for Success

Great to see the spirited discussion and response to the last post on finding a way. And I really appreciate that many of you share this blog around on social media.  That last topic leads us to the next one… Continue reading “The Price for Success”

You Find a Way

When your situation gets bad enough, you find a way out of it.  Unfortunately for some of you, you don’t have things bad enough. Continue reading “You Find a Way”

Dream Building for Results

Building dreams is one of the most important things you can do for your team.  And yourself. Continue reading “Dream Building for Results”

It Is All About the Residual

It is better to have a permanent income than to be fascinating. Continue reading “It Is All About the Residual”

It Is All About the Residual

It is better to have a permanent income than to be fascinating.  Continue reading “It Is All About the Residual”

Be a Life Coach

If you want to be attractive to prospects, and want to be more helpful to your team members, become a life coach. Continue reading “Be a Life Coach”

Your Biggest Growth Strategy

Let me offer you a very simple daily activity that will do more to grow your network as any other thing you can do… Continue reading “Your Biggest Growth Strategy”

Paint the Picture of Good

Last post we discussed how to bring up the negative things a prospect faces without making him defensive.  Now let’s look at the inverse… Continue reading “Paint the Picture of Good”

Put It On You

One of the keys to successful recruiting is to increase the prospect’s awareness of what isn’t working in his life.  But there’s a special way you must do this… Continue reading “Put It On You”

Find the Money

You know how many times you’ve heard it.  Or said it… Continue reading “Find the Money”