The Price for Success

Great to see the spirited discussion and response to the last post on finding a way. And I really appreciate that many of you share this blog around on social media.  That last topic leads us to the next one…

Paying the price.

There are a lot of people who want to sell you stuff.  And some of them feel the easiest way is telling you what you want to hear.  Selling you automated systems, lead programs, do it all from home in your bunny slippers, and assorted “build your downline for you” bullshit.

It sure would be nice if it were that easy.  But it’s not.

The people who sell all that stuff make their money mining the miners.  You need to take your advice from people that actually cash bonus checks.  And those people work.

If you want to have real duplication, create success, and help your people become successful, it’s going to take work.   And also throw in belief, investment, tenacity, and guts.

Work, because you’re going to need to go to presentations, travel to support long distance lines and attend some training events.  Service retail customers.  Follow up with prospects and counsel with your team members.  And you’re going to need to do all this work, after you finish work each day.

Belief, because you’re going to face some rejection, dropouts, and skeptics.  You live in a crazy world with lots of crazy people in it.  Ninety percent are in jobs they don’t like or actually hate, yet because it’s all they know, they ridicule anyone who isn’t a cog in the collective like them.

Investment, because any business requires it.  And you’d be an idiot to think you don’t need to invest in this one.  Buying a distributor kit and your first product order gets you in the door. That’s when the real investment just begins…

Marketing materials.  Product autoship.  Self-development materials.  Event tickets and travel.  A website.  Phone bills, fuel for your car and postage.  But if you’re not willing to invest in you, it’s probably a bad investment for anyone else.  And remember this:

The only thing that costs more than your dream – is the cost of not having one.

Tenacity, because you’re not going to make it in a couple months.  Success in Network Marketing is a two- to five-year plan.  Yeah I know you want it to be faster.  So do I.  But how long would it take you to be free in your day job?  For most or you (and your prospects), you could work 40 or 50 years in that, and still retire broke.

And finally, you’re going to need…

Guts. Because success isn’t for the timid.  You’re surrounded by people who want to give you permission to stay where you are.  And many will feel threatened when you start to move up.  And for every person with the guts to become great, there are dozens who will try to drag you back into mediocrity.

These people want you to drive a brokemobile, order pizza based on who you have a 50 cents off coupon from, and watch five hours of mindless sitcoms a night just like they do.  It takes guts to break out of the Matrix.  But look at the alternative.

I thanked you earlier for your efforts sharing the last post.  I hope you’ll really go nuts sharing this one.  Because it’s really, really important.  Then bookmark it, print it out and stick it in your planner.   Read it whenever you need a reminder.

Success never goes on sale.  Be willing to pay the market price.


40 thoughts on “The Price for Success

  1. Randy is a great demonstration of integrity and leadership. This post is very truthful. I would add focus…your energy needs to be focused to achieve clearly defined and measurable goals

  2. As usual, an incredible advice! We have to make the correct questions. Only that way we will have the correct answers!!
    Thank you, Randy!

  3. Great Post Randy. Much beter than the last one! I agree with everything except some of what you wrote about investment. This is the kind of information that will educate people in our industry.

  4. Great comments Randy. You knocked this one out of the park. Absoulely true!! I will focus on the key areas you suggested and utilize this piece to remind myself often of the price for success. Thank you for the message.

  5. THANKS Randy!! You ALWAYS say the nicest things… Especially about “investment”. People always assume they can get something (the dream) for nothing! It has never worked that way in my world and I’m darn sure that it has never worked that way for anyone else.

  6. “Those who are weak, renounces right of action who is not firm, that deviate from halfway before the obstacle. Only a strong despise losing streak – he’s one to enjoy a happy outcome.”

  7. Hey Randy,

    Gladwell says, “The people at the top don’t just work harder or much harder. They work much, much harder.”
    But “Where there’s a will there’s a way”.

    When a person really wants to do something, he will find a way of doing it.

  8. Hey RG, Does this have something to do about, ” No guts, no glory”? I heard that somewhere. I have been “enrolled” in my MLM company for about 2.5 years now,noticed I said enrolled, because my income has been exactly what I have put into it, incredibly honest business I must say. So what have I been doing all this time, being creative of course, there must be a faster way than having home meetings-I’m still looking, I’ll let you know. Funny because I was listening to your tape 2 on my drive to my slave labor camp this morning, and you talked about changing the system, 99% “your” system doesn’t work because of the duplication factor. I think you are right, and I have the data. I have been part of start ups in the medical device industry since I graduated from the university. All your points above are a fact in any business that one starts. Late nights, and weekends, traveling, taking chances, cash is king..This business is no different, but now your the CEO, and the view has changed. Everything that has happened to you as an employee in the labor camp, has now being exposed as to the reason why it happened. Cut backs, slave labor, motivational company you know why-hello Mr. President. Once folks see that, they see the light about your points above.

    Thanks for the daily reality checks. Make it painfully honest. Since pain seems to be the only way things change. No blood, no foul…


  9. Hi Guys,
    Yes it takes work, but it is more about working consistently than working so hard. The good news is, that is easier to get to work and build a business today than ever before. the internet, social networking, the computer have opened doors like never before. You’re going to have to be willing to get educated on the new technologies, step out of your comfort zone. As we continue the move from the industrial age to the information age, home biz is the industry of the future. networking companies are now the franchise without the franchise fee. So, don’t be afraid, be happy. It’s all there waiting for you.
    find something you like, and then find the best company in that industry. that’s the hard part, finding the real deal. ” Go Forth, with Indomitable spirit”

  10. So – true – if you’re not willing to invest in yourself – why would anyone else see you as a good investment – things that make you go …humm

  11. Wow!!! Awesome post Randy, it is true the human nature is that if you are a successful person you must be doing some bad or even evil, and in their minds they think that they are doing some good telling you to back off, just for they to feel safe around you.

    And in the other hand, sometimes (or almost all the time) is envy they think that if they can’t do something you can’t do it either.

    But It is our job to stay focused and ignore them.

    Great! Randy… XD

  12. Thanks Randy,
    That is honesty and truthfullness. Alot of people join MLM thinking its a get rich quick scheme. It’s all about hard work and hard work. Consistency finally yeilds huge success. I love this.

  13. Thank you for your sharing! This message should pass it down to people quit MLM after joining for few months.

  14. SO TRUE!!
    As always, I love your honesty and how you tell it like it is..
    This business is so worth it but some people seem to look at it like a lottery instead of the multi million dollar business that it is

  15. It’s funny that most people can not take the truth. In my case I love hearing it because it helps me grow to become a better person. I’ve followed your trainings for years and appreciate each statement you make here, because it IS the truth!

    Thank you!

  16. I have only read the first paragraph and I am feeling some anger towards myself, I have been in MLM for 11 years, I have done very well in most and just so so or so so unsuccessful in others. So the million dollar question is. What really works? People are still using the old school methods of recruiting and are building large down lines. So now what do I do? I’m just saying.

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