Be a Life Coach

If you want to be attractive to prospects, and want to be more helpful to your team members, become a life coach.

Don’t try to be a psychiatrist.  (Although sometimes it sure feels that way!)  Just truly care about people, and what’s going on in their lives.

When I counsel with my team members, we look at who their upcoming leaders are, where they should work long distance, how many presentations they should do, and many things like that.  But the real bulk of what we discuss is the other stuff…

How to reduce friction in their marriage, solve personality conflicts with key people, when to quit their job, buy a house, or reduce their debt.

One of the biggest draws in network marketing is the community we provide.  Yes the money, cars and trips are cool.  But the sexiest stuff is stronger marriages, better relationships with their kids, friendship, fellowship, and happiness.

So don’t get blinded by the bonus checks and rank advancement.  Help people make their lives work better and the business will improve all by itself.


17 thoughts on “Be a Life Coach

  1. Thank you RG. This is one skill that I have been considering to develop and now one of MLM’s greatest talks about it……… honestly, I consider it as top priority now.

    Keep up the good work sir!

  2. Beautiful Randy! This is how true leaders should be. I think that caring about the personal life of your teammembers and helping them grow in every aspect of life is the best way to motivate them, generating better results for everybody.
    Thank you for confirming these thoughts.
    You have no idea how much your work helps my business.

  3. Hey Randy.
    A friend in need is a friend indeed

    A friend who helps when one is in trouble is a real friend.

    Each of us need all of us and all of us need each of us”
    (Jim Rohn)

  4. When my teams have been the strongest there has been significant personal influence in the lives of those on the team. When our leaders have forgotten that & it becomes all about the money the unraveling followed.

    Interestingly enough I’m headed out to lunch with a future leader to talk business & life shortly.

    Great reminder RG.

  5. Hi RG,thank you for this post…i’v always love doing JUST THAT.And thats one the main things that i love about this profession…being their your PEOPLE.

    thank you,see you on July 16 🙂

  6. Yes, this is how I understand the MLM business as a whole, it is a coaching business. Our product is – a business opportunity and team members are coaches, whether beginners or experienced.

  7. Yes indeed. It must be a relationship & mentoring business before it can be a sales business.

    But remember what J D Rockefeller said: I’d rather have friendships based on business relationships than a business based on friendships.

    Love your stuff Randy.

  8. This a really powerful and important message Randy. Thank you for reminding us how important it is to work on our human relationships as well as developing MLM business.

  9. You are right. I was challenged this week by my downline into strenghtening my christian life. I was at first put on my defence but I realised what we are to each other in this business. What a family of friends working and making money together! Merab

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