Paint the Picture of Good

Last post we discussed how to bring up the negative things a prospect faces without making him defensive.  Now let’s look at the inverse…

For the positive things, always make it about the prospect.

If all you do is talk about the free trips you’ve earned, the bonus cars you’ve had, and all the money you make, that’s not very relevant to the prospect.  It seems like you’re just beating your chest and makes the prospect jealous and defensive.  And not many people who feel jealous and defensive sign distributor applications…

Now of course it’s relevant to tell your story and accomplishments to establish your credibility.  But don’t go overboard here or you’ll repel the prospect instead of attracting her.

Be sure and include language like:

What could you do with an extra 3,000 Euros a month?

Imagine the day you walk in and fire your boss.

How would you like an all-expense-paid-paid trip to Hawaii?

What kind of bonus car will you choose?

Paint the picture in her mind of the benefits she can receive, and she’s very likely to join the business.

So how are you doing on this?  Do you paint a vivid, compelling picture of the good your prospects can receive?


17 thoughts on “Paint the Picture of Good

  1. Randy, I always love your practical advise!! Thank you for this and other posts, I can apply this kind of stuff right now!

  2. Great love the straight to the point…I have been meaning to ask you when you first started doing home presentations or hotel presentations how were you inviting people to those meetings?

  3. i often talk about what my dad got in network marketing. I promote his successes without drawing a future for prospects.
    Thank you Randy for your practical advices!

  4. Thanks for the practical reminder. I usually try to imagine myself in the place of prospect. And I am , as anybody else, interested in what I will get and how quick I will get.

    Even though I do not think so, but fear of losing something, of which I already have, is stronger. What I will lose, if I will delay to make a decision.

  5. Hi Randy,
    Now this is one practical advice which is logic and straight to the heart.
    Simply put it, if i am in my prospects’ shoes i would be taken aback if the person is talking about how well he or she is doing and not how much better i could become. As always golden tips from the man !

  6. No language, no strategy is serving you, if your company is failing in huge compensation plan. Nertworkers are more and more expert… and examine your compensation plan BEFORE signing up. To many comparison are possible today.

  7. I think better questions to ask would be something like:

    How would you like to no longer drive in rush hour traffic twice a day?

    Work from your home wearing whatever you want?

    Be in control of your life?

    These types of questions are more emotional and realistic than “What kind of bonus car would you choose”

    1. People don’t care about their needs. This is far away: “Be in control of your life”, “Think about your health”., etc. People care about they wants: Where I will eat tonight ( do you want to eat pasta at home forever?) , how big is electricity bill this month ( how to make extra 200 USD ), I have pain in stomach, maybe it’s something serious, ( how to use health products and don’t pay about them), I need new car- (which one do you want to choose).

  8. I spend more time now chatting with an intention to listen for where their dreams are now. Often it’s a guess but they will tell you if you ask appropriately. Building a dream next door to theirs that includes theirs will have them looking for a way to have it all happen… A dream outside their current possibility matrix and … they write you off as a flake or a hype master. Practice, practice and practice.

  9. Raymond
    July5,2011 at 7:52

    I have not applied such a worthwhile strategy.I will incorporate that.

    Thank You.

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