It Is All About the Residual

It is better to have a permanent income than to be fascinating.

Sage advice from Oscar Wilde.  And nowhere in the world can you set up a better conduit for residual income than Network Marketing.  But to do that, you can’t be a superhero.  True residual comes from following a system, and training your people to do the same.

Sometimes that means curbing your ego.  Sometimes it means passing up on things that could work well for you, but not be duplicated by others.

If you have true duplication and residual income, it means your people also have duplication and have the same opportunity as you.  And that’s what makes our business better than any other in the world!


10 thoughts on “It Is All About the Residual

  1. Curbing my ego, and to bring others up. Limit my wants with selfdiscipline. And the time comes with residual income, when I realize all my wants and feel the superhero in my own eyes.

  2. I think people change their system when their net work is not growing as fast as they want or no increases (like me) and one begins to doubt the system. But the problem is not in the system. When one does not duplicate the problem is yopurself. I recently read that comunication is 94% below the conscious plane, ie we transmit what we really are. That is why this business requires us to work on personal development as much as possible, they convey what we read and remains in our subconscious. So much needed 30 minutes of reading per day minimum. Today I know that I’m having failure in my business due to my, my posture, my desire, my energy (if anyone find my energy send to me please haha), my belief in the business, my belief in the MLM and my company.
    I’m sure the MLM and my company are the best, but I do not think that I reach my subconscious level. Therefore, the null results that I have. But the system should be applied, because it was made for those how know about the develop success in MLM.
    Randy: I’ve now 1 ½ years in the business and not having the success it should have, I think my prospects note that because I am shamed not to be as successful as it should be after so long. Although I do not say anything about my results, perhaps they feel it through my subconscious level and that is why they do not see the opportunity. Is that so? Is my ego so big? How do I change it? Should I stop on prospecting til I gain new conviction and energy? Please if you could respond would be helpful, you’ll understand my frustration.
    Thanks Gabriel

    1. Great questions, Gabriel! I am looking forward to seeing Randy’s response.

      Randy: Is hitting a “plateau” in one’s business (stagnation of net organization size) a symptom of the same thought and energy dynamics as Gabriel’s situation? What advice would you give to get one’s business moving again?

      1. Everyone will hit plateaus from time to time. But when they become permanent you have to change something. Gabriel, I would ask your sponsor to sponsor you all over again, so you get in touch with what excited you to begin with. -RG

  3. Sometimes the system that we use may not fit our energy level, hence the need to be creative and come up with our own. The thought “if I can do it, others can too. Thats’ duplication right?” wrong, not all that get into the business will want to grow their business your way, perhaps they are only looking for a fwe hundred bucks a month to make their car payment…The systems must be generic enough so that even a 3yr old can follow. If you forge your own road, then don’t expect all to follow. As far as loosing evergy, your reason for doing the business is not big enough, and hence the lack of motiviation to do what must be done. If you feel that you have all the toys that you ever wanted, then look to an outside organization to donate your “extra” money to. In this economy they need all the “extra” money that they can get. I like kids non-profits myself. Look to the outside to give your energy back.


  4. Teach your team a duplicatable system that they can start on day one. And show your organization how to teach their recruits the same thing. Waiting for everyone to be “trained” before they take action, means your business growth will stall.

    The folks that you recruit are are already “pre-trained” to recommend a product or service that they like. Don’t over complicate the process, or you will delay your success.

  5. Que clara la respuesta para Gabriel!…Lo que le pasa a el nos has pasado a todos en menor o mayor medida…gracias y éxitos!

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