Dream Building for Results

Building dreams is one of the most important things you can do for your team.  And yourself.

Every person in our business needs a prosperity map in their bedroom.  Do affirmations.  Pictures on the refrigerator.  Know what your bonus car is going to be.  Get some brochures of the destination of your company’s next award trip.  Dream big.  And program them into your subconscious mind.  Here’s the Prosperity Manifestation Formula:

Plant in your subconscious mind. Water with repetition and emotion. Harvest.

So how you doing on that?


8 thoughts on “Dream Building for Results

  1. I have a manifestation map, pictures of my dreams and goals, places I’m going to visit, and “I Am” statements on a whiteboard that I walk by many times a day! =)

  2. Randy, this post comes at a very opportune moment for me. A friend of mine has been encouraging me to make a ‘Dream Chart’ or as you say ‘Prosperity Map’ and I am just about make one for myself. I appreciate your tips – Thanks!

  3. Raymond
    July 6,2011 at 4:22pm

    I have some pictures of my dreams pasted in photo album.
    But the affirmation is what I have not implemented.I will begin
    to do that now.

    With regards.

  4. Thanks RG,

    Its’ always the simple stuff that makes the most difference. I have a poster in my office about a family trip that we are planning in 3 years, but nothing for right now, or shorter term. I will do those right away.

    Thanks for the constant reminders, they really help.


  5. On my dream board for the past 3yrs was the
    Mercedes E 55 AMG, 500hp of luxury getting
    awesomeness, now I’m in the market for one 🙂

    Awesome feeling, keep your dream boards filled
    for you will fulfill them one day.

  6. I know this works Randy cos I just earned my Companies Leadership Trip by stating the intention, taking action, looking at the destinations, feeling that I am there NOW being in Joy that I had qualified the day I decided to go for it and kept that emotion going until it happened. And I am there!

    Thanks for the confirmation that this is the way to manifest your true desires when you head and heart believe you can do it and is in that alignment to do it! Whoohooo! What a ride!

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