Find the Money

You know how many times you’ve heard it.  Or said it…

“I don’t have the money to be on autoship.”

“I can’t afford to go to the major event.”

“Don’t ask me to invest in tools.  I got into this business to make money, not spend it.”

What do these statements really mean?  You don’t believe in yourself.  You don’t have the passion, drive and desire.

Now I know some of you are going to think I’m insensitive and insulting you.  You think I’m rich and I don’t empathize with someone who’s struggling.  You couldn’t be further off base…

I remember coming back to MLM being $55,000 in debt, with no furniture, sleeping on the floor.  Having to borrow the money to get the starter kit and first product order.  When you really believe, you do what you have to do…

You clean apartments, clean up construction sites, or make a deal with your brother-in-law to wash his car for the next six months.   If you really commit to getting money, you’ll find a way to create enough value to do it.

So find the money.  Because if you don’t think you’re a good investment, why would anyone else?

You’re worth it.


30 thoughts on “Find the Money

  1. This is what I love about you Randy, you speak the truth and those of us who have gone down this road and paid the price in sweat, effort and treasure we didn’t have all know it for from the heart words of wisdom

  2. No,no,no, it can`t be insult , this is one of your best advice THANKS.I am fighting every day with such an opportunity without sufficient budget of money, but every day looking a way how to improve it.


  3. Anything that has value in life – business, relationships, … first requires an investment.
    To collect apples must first be set apple tree, it needs to be maintained, nurtured, protected from insects and hares. Apples will be able to gather if everything will be well done. No investment- no apples.

  4. Believe me, we are going to use your advice when were building the Event in Sweden at the end of September. Someone very special to me is the guest speaker. I think you know him very well:-) After studying Prosperity for a while I believe he is coming as a result of my manifestation:)

  5. I also believe that, until you find the ‘right fit’ company for YOU, you WON’T see the possibilities clear enough, and will reason away as you noted in your post Randy. Once you believe in the company, products, etc, you will have to ‘get it’, and get it quick, or you will not succeed. I’ve hopped around a bit, but it wasn’t until I found MY company fit, that I understood that I needed to go on autoship, go to meetings, etc.

    Once again, great post!

  6. Excellent. It is so true how people really value themselves when it comes to business. They find excuses not to do it but can find money for stupid things. Great post.

  7. Hey Randy,

    A wise man said”“You are surrounded by simple, obvious solutions that can dramatically increase your income, power, influence and success.The problem is, you just don’t see them.”~Jay Abraham~

    Eveyone can find the way to make mony when he will give more values to other people

  8. The hottest, fastest vehicle on the planet goes nowhere without fuel!
    Those items (autoship, major events, and tools) are the high-grade gas that propels your Lamborghini to its destination.

    My philosophy: “I can’t afford NOT to invest in those!”

  9. Raymond June 29, 2011 at 8:00 pm

    I really love this post. It isn’t an insult,rather it is a way of boosting moral.

    Thanks so much with love.

  10. I think most people could find the money if they looked hard enough. If your company has a product that you already consume on a regular basis like my companies, than it’s just a matter of switching stores.

  11. There are reasons why most people fail in network marketing. Listening to dumbass advice like this is one of those reasons! Not having the money to invest on autoship is not a recipe for failure. However, spending money you don’t have, taking money away from paying your bills, etc IS a fast way to put yourself in the red. I just love it when a millionare gives nonsense advice – Get back to reality Randy. A person can still make it without going into debt, you just need to work smarter.

    1. Jack, how much money have you earned? If yes, great, share with us -how? If no- your words have value of the sand in the desert.

  12. Hi Randy,
    Believe sacrifice and commitment to what I do in my Network marketing business will get me somewhere. Enough of excuses now i want to make money! Thank you Randy. Merab

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