Systematic Growth

One thing to protect against in Network Marketing is having fits and starts and reversals in your business.  You want to have systematic growth.

So how do you do that?

Consistent activity.  And not just any activity, but the right activity.   Surfing the net, calling the same tired team members over and over, and organizing your product shelves is not the right activity.

The right activity is meeting people, inviting, and getting to presentations in depth.  The benchmark seems to be attending at least 15 presentations a month.  Because doing that means you are “taprooting” in depth, working with the new, most-excited people, driving depth down your lines.

Now this doesn’t have to be all in person.  In fact, most of the home presentations I do these days are via Skype and phone, because my organization is in 65 countries.  But for your local group, that’s going to mean more of being there in person.  Do that for the ones within driving distance and use technology for the rest.

If you are there for at least 15 presentations a month, you’ll keep systematic growth happening in your group.  So that leads me to the next question…

June is almost over.  How many presentations have you been at this month?


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  1. Do you count presentations where are my prospects or prospects from my group or both? How many % of prospects after presentation (average) could be enrolled?

  2. Ok Randy..riddle me this riddle me business I went back to my slave job..I got into the networking business because I saw the massive potential..where do I get the time when I’m slaving 15 hr days

      1. This might seem hard for some people but even in MLM you don’t get something for nothing. Unfortunately some people seem to think this is the case and they can wait for everyone lese to make it happen!

    1. I personally know people who have worked 80-100 hours a week and got their freedom. In fact, they were some of the fastest to get there because they had the biggest why. Some are rich, some are not, but freedom is freedom and it sure beats slavery!

  3. It’s so simple and yes that’s the magic # 15 a month, but we must clarify you say “How many presentations have you been at this month?” I have a lot of team members that show up to all the home tastings, but never bring a new person. Just the fact of being at them is not enough. “I say how many are you doing?” I also have people that are doing many for others, but have not brought in a new person in a very long time. You have to find a balance between depth and personals. As always Randy great info. Have a blessed day
    Vincent St.louis

    1. Good point. Let me clarify: If you are just attending open events or upline events by yourself, you won’t see growth. I’m talking about doing ones for your own prospects, and then going down in depth to support new people doing their first ones.


  4. This is a business of duplication, and you can’t ask team members to do what you are not doing, however much that is. However you can ask them if they are happy with their efforts. If necessary point out that if they don’t change what they do they will continue to get the same results.
    This is a volunteer business and people have to accept their part of it, or find something else.

  5. Does private meeting about business opportunity we could take as well as the presentation? It takes a lot of time, but is easier to speak more directly about a particular person’s needs.

  6. 5 Conference calls per week
    2 presentation webinars
    1 training webinar
    1 In-Home
    1 Watering Hole
    per week

    3 calls
    2-3 people recognition and put into the funnel
    5 Internet contacts
    per day

  7. 12. Not quite 15, so I have to improve….and I understand that was MINIMUM. My team grew with 7% = 2 people in june

  8. Randy,
    the 15 presentations (with new prospects in attendance) is a very helpful benchmark that you’ve given us. It’s something I can wrap my brain around as I go day to day through the month.

  9. Tonight will make my 14th webinar for the month. Yes, most of my downline have been on the sessions. 3 of them were private trainings from another business which I am new to therefore no downline.

  10. I fully agree with you , but I don`t like do presentation for presentation only.It is better to choice right people and than to meet and obtain for project.


  11. Raymond June 28,2011 at 7:14pm

    Two only for this month. But that is not all that I need,I want conversions

    Thank you for the nudge.

  12. Well, we did 9 presentations and organized an APT (AGEL Power Training) where 14 people showed up. So we registered 1 member as Executive and another one with the Personal Pack. Our next strategy is to invite twice more people to raise these numbers and get more results. We don’t know in other countries but here people go along with a lot of non-fulfilment, which seems to be writen in their genes… ;-). So going on doing the homework anyway!
    Ralf and Ana from Colombia.

  13. it is not a comment from my side. i mean i have a question, randy talks about values and philosophy in his book. but i faced a lot of problem with my uplines trying to convince my downline that i was waiting for OTHERS to do the business for me and that i did nothing. i am still a novice to this business,but i realized that i was taken for a ride. i mean i will get the people into the funnel and these team members will tell my downline that i am no good. infact i am thinking of changing the team itself. it is not that they are bad people, but smart people trying to snatch people ( in turn kill my business) away from me. all this because i had a break(of sorts) with my wife delivering a baby last month and i was at the hospital whilst she was there with a 2 yr old girl to take care of. is this the business that works only this way? i mean are there no emotions? difficulties involved building this business with a day job and do i have to be out there every night regardless of the situation my family is facing? or do i have to fire my uplines? and look for someone better.

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