The Courage to Dream

Did you really catch the meaning of that title?  Please read it again.

Do you really get how much courage it takes to dream?

It’s so easy to “be realistic,” “not get your hopes up,” or settle for mediocrity.  To dream means you hope.  It means you dare.  It means you have a chance to lose.

That takes guts.  Courage.

Lamborghini’s are safe in the garage.  Ships are safe in the port.  Jets are safe at the gate.  But that’s not what those things are for.

Please.  Have a prosperity map. Put some pictures on your fridge.  Get a brochure for your next bonus car and award trip.  Awaken your dreams again.  Because they will pull you toward them.

Have the courage to dream BIG.  Because you’re worth it.


18 thoughts on “The Courage to Dream

  1. I need a private jet because I have to inspire people Randy! People laugh but it doesn’t bother me. They’ll be shocked when I get one but I won’t!


    1. I think we can inspire our people by our passion and love. They are much worthier than a jet. Do things that we need not people need.

      1. I love the last line my sister. this is exactly how I manage my MLM team to set goals. to achieve a goal, you must have a big WHY. if the jet for example, is to inspire a group of people to do a certain job, then it’s not about you! it’s just about other subjects. whenever I feel that I’m concerned about “what Others would say about my dreams” I try to challenge myself by asking serious questions. because this must not be important for a person who has a real goal. when you concentrate on yourself instead of outer subjects, you shall gain true power which remains always with you. by the way, good luck NAM.

  2. I do agree with Randy that Lamborghini’s are safe in the garage, ships are safe in the port, jets are safe in the gate but that’s not what those things are for.

  3. I can’t agree more. Having a dream really takes guts and courage. and good programming is essential to that. then again, one of the things that drives us and makes us immune to any negative thoughts during hard periods of time, is our True, Real Dreams, not the things you want to have, to impress others, or the things mentioned in a meeting, to tell others that “Wow! Look at my dream! it’s bigger than yours!”.

  4. Hey Randy,

    We need the Courage to Dream,to dare to be succesful,
    and to beware of those who are dreams thiefs.

  5. What a GREAT article Randy!!!!!

    As I wrote you before, you restored my childhood faith and believe in both myself and the world. And I dare now DREAM BIG. Seams like the univers is responding positively to that. I have started to manifest my dreams in the fysical univers, and got supporters or teamplayers that will help me manifest those, and even faster than I expected.

    No one in my life have helped me more than you, because of your articles, videos and DVD´s. You are right when you say, that you can garantee results, by following your advice because you did all that yourself and know it works. It does!!!!!

    THANK’S 🙂

  6. I know that is worthy of another level of life, perhaps I’m just not brave enough to make a quantum leap

  7. Often, it is people who are well brought up and protected who need to regain the courage to act against everything they’ve been taught to do to remain safe and be “nice” people.

    Then they don’t do it because they think that they have to be “not nice”, which is not what it is all about at all!

    Maybe we should look on it as a call to be even “nicer”, to take the first of many a courageous, venturesome step towards a being a bigger person for ourselves and then playing a bigger role in the lives of others.

    Live large, live well, live with oomph!


  8. True, it’s so easy to give up our hopes and let life take its course as we know it. But if in our mind will be always the question: What about if it were possible? What if I just stop halfway or almost reaching the initial of success?
    Dreaming required to feed our hopes and work on ourselves to be that person who can handle the success we seek. I guess it’s not easy, requires a profound transformation of ourself, but I understand that it’s worth doing, for yourself and loved ones.
    At first I made a map of dreams where I have: very very expensive cars and luxury, a super house, a super yacht, jet, 3 motor cycles, etc..
    After the course you gave in Buenos Aires with the explanation of the gap between what we are and what we want to be and the “tension” between the two, that is to have achievable goals, I made a desk picture on my work pc I can see every day.
    In this preliminary map (No. 1), I have a car, furniture, lifestyle, the more achievable range in my company from where I am now, and the amount of money I want to win year-end on my account. They are more accessible. I still have the bigger dreams map taped on the wall of my room.
    When I achieved what I have in my dreams map No. 1, I will do another with other dream a little bigger (No. 2). Step by step, to reaching my big big dreams map is in my room.
    Is that ok Randyto do like this?
    Thanks Gabriel

  9. Hi Randy,
    It seems you know my problem, being too realistic is what makes me slow in my achievements. I will try to dream more and become more DARING.
    Thank you

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