Creating Momentum

I’m writing this post on Malaysian Airlines flight 124, traveling from Sydney, Australia to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.  We’re in a double decker 747, which is 231 feet 10 inches long and 63 feet 8 inches high. In addition to the 359 people we’re carrying (including the guy behind me who’s at least 40 pounds overweight), we’re carrying 57, 285 gallons of fuel. 

We’re flying into a head wind of 107 mph, yet we’re traveling at 525 mph.  Perhaps more interesting to note – as all of you pilots know – you take off and land, into the wind.

There’s a lesson in all that for Network Marketers don’t you think?

P.S.  Get to a newsstand and pick up a copy of this month’s INC magazine.  It has a feature titled, The New Guard of Direct Selling, which paints a positive picture of our business.  Be sure and look for the article on Firing Your Best Friend also, because it offers some lessons on prosperity and I am one of the experts giving advice.



14 thoughts on “Creating Momentum

  1. Thanks Randy, I will do that and have a super time in Kuala Lumpur which is so near to Singapore! Not visiting us? What is Singapore’s loss is Malaysia’s gain. Nite

  2. Already read the article, very well done, gives credibility to network marketing and should put the skeptics in their place.

    Have a safe flight RG.

  3. Hi Randy, I am in the UK. I have read a lot of your material and listened to the CDs etc. They don’t have your quote on the online version but there is an interesting comment about the strength of the brand to get over the “my neighbour/brother is trying to sell me something.”

    I hear MLM people here talk about the British being slow with MLM. I also read you say that copy what works and duplicate. Promises of lambourghinis make many salivate but are the biggest turn off in the world to sceptical Brits.

    I have seen you here in the UK in Warwick. I think everyone thinks their market is different, would you simply repeat your two silver coins in your pocket story or should we go about things any differently over here?

    Many thanks,


  4. Hey Randy
    All the world, planate is like a great village,thank to the technology,aeoplanes and communication.MLMis disseminated,distributed in everywhere,and you are a leader of a big organization.

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