Reaching Your Goals

Progress in Network Marketing is a steady process of achieving goals.  So let me share something pretty simple, but pretty profound…

To achieve a goal, you have to first set a goal.

Now before you think I’m just being snarky, you would be shocked how many people actually don’t have a set goal they’re working toward right now.

What’s yours?


10 thoughts on “Reaching Your Goals

  1. Randy, good point. My goals are both short term and 4 years out, along with having goals for my team. This month I have a focus on helping my front line gain width. Esp those who haven’t sponsored someone in a while.

  2. The Lord impressed in my heart, “I encourage you to do something you enjoy by selecting a career/business suited to your inclinations and talent

    Always give more than you get. Never be satisfied. Set high goals for yourself and after acheiving set new ones.

    Forget your problems and limitation.

    Abba Father

    so I am on my way and excited as I will be doing the ordinary and He will be doing the extraordinary!

  3. Hey Randy,

    Goal is like a deam with dead line,is the “why” which help to ovecome evey “how”.Ihave a dream.

  4. I have 3 levels of goals:
    1) practical- step by step with figures and deadlines
    2) medium, as I do globally
    3) spiritual goals, above all
    And to all those I worked at the same time.

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