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Systematic Growth

One thing to protect against in Network Marketing is having fits and starts and reversals in your business.  You want to have systematic growth. Continue reading “Systematic Growth”

The Courage to Dream

Did you really catch the meaning of that title?  Please read it again. Continue reading “The Courage to Dream”

The Reality of Attrition

Say you’re a real estate agent with a loyal client list.  They’re loyal until their sister, brother-in-law, or best friend gets their real estate license.  Then they’re gone.  If you’re a hairstylist you have your loyal customers that come only to you.  Until they move to another neighborhood… Continue reading “The Reality of Attrition”

Edifying the Team

Your products are important.  People want to know how they’ll make money in your business.  But those are not really the most important things in prospecting. Continue reading “Edifying the Team”

Explode Your Business

Here’s my “secret weapon” technique that will grow your business like crazy… Continue reading “Explode Your Business”

They Pick You

One of the hardest things I had to come to grip with was that I don’t pick my team.  And neither do you. Continue reading “They Pick You”

When Frustration is Good

Are you happy?  I hope so.  Are you frustrated?  I hope so too. Continue reading “When Frustration is Good”

The Danger of Hitting Goals

We spend a lot of time talking about and chasing goals in our business.  And hopefully hitting them.  But sometimes reaching a goal is bad for you… Continue reading “The Danger of Hitting Goals”

Get Pissed Off

Want to breakthrough the plateau you’re on?  Need something to drive you forward? Continue reading “Get Pissed Off”

The Power of Hope

The fastest way to end a conversation with me is to say something like, “Don’t get your hopes up.”  You can be sure I will politely and deliberately find someplace else I need to be. Continue reading “The Power of Hope”

The Common Touch

Never lose track of your common touch and reaching out to the common person.  That’s what we do. Continue reading “The Common Touch”

Knowing When to Go

I was talking with a prospect the other day when he asked an important question:  He wanted to know what it takes to get me to visit a market. Continue reading “Knowing When to Go”

Third Party Prospecting

In the past we’ve talked about the importance of using 3rd party tools for presentations.  The reason for this is pretty obvious.  You want your new team members to be able to recruit on their own as quickly as possible. Continue reading “Third Party Prospecting”

Developing Effective Leaders

We talk a lot about using 3rd party tools, both when presenting to prospects and when working with your team.  The reason for this is to produce better duplication. Continue reading “Developing Effective Leaders”

Who Are You Edifying?

I’ve worked with some people in the business who are always edifying what they do for a team and what great leaders they are.   And then there is the other type of person… Continue reading “Who Are You Edifying?”