Get Pissed Off

Want to breakthrough the plateau you’re on?  Need something to drive you forward?

Get pissed off.

Pissed off at the size of your bonus check and the speed of your growth.  Get fed up with the car you’re driving, the schools your kids go to or the number of people you’re helping.  Get pissed at the amount you can donate to charity and the time you get to spend with your loved ones.

Harness the anger.

Now please understand the point of all this is not to beat yourself up and feel worthless.  It’s to harness the “divine discontent” you have and transform it into doing more and becoming more.  So forgive yourself and start doing more.

Here’s what I know:

Anything permitted is increased. Are you choosing outcomes or just letting them happen to you?

You only change what you’re willing to confront. What is the fear or procrastination you need to eviscerate?

What you tolerate won’t change. What do you need to get pissed off about right now?


13 thoughts on “Get Pissed Off

  1. You’re absolutely right, Randy! My father used the same strategy when teaching me how to ride a bike. Similar situation: It makes no sense compared to anything you have learned previously. You just have to get mad at it and DO it. Then it all makes sense.

    Thanks for reminding me.

  2. I’ve been really pissed off with the size of my monthly income this last 2 months. And what a coincidence that today’s blog is arriving at a time when I’m really doing something about it — developing my team’s system. As a rookie in this business, I discovered my company and my upline partners have no easily duplicable system. This makes almost everyone in the company an MLM grinder . Now, I wanna break that cycle to become a Rock Star. Your six lessons have been very useful, plus I serrendisitously stumbled on your duplicable system for your company last week and I’m copying parts of it. Only God knows why your downlines here in Nigeria couldn’t run with such an amazing system! Thanks for your massive support through this blog and your prosperity blog.

    1. It is so true – get pissed off, get fired up, make it happen. Don’t let the deadwood drag you down. As my upline says…

  3. Good one, Randy!

    We are taught that anger is a negative emotion, but it is tremendously useful to power you through terrible situations. When you see a wrong that needs righting or a fight that needs fighting, your anger kicks in, the adrenalin starts flowing, and before you know it, you are in ACTION.

    Don’t ponder the hammer. Hit the damned nail!

  4. I agree with you Randy. Unless I get tired of earning peanuts for a monthly salary after being ordered around for 4 weeks, then my MLM business will not progress. Ready to fight on and will pass this on to my upline. Merab

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