The Danger of Hitting Goals

We spend a lot of time talking about and chasing goals in our business.  And hopefully hitting them.  But sometimes reaching a goal is bad for you…

That’s when you achieve it, but don’t have your next one lined up.

I’m seen many people regress because they hit the mark, and then didn’t know where to go from there.

So are you ready for the next one after this one?


8 thoughts on “The Danger of Hitting Goals

  1. BIG goal is unlimited goal. What I like in our business, there are no limits. Small goals are concrete steps how to rich big one. Small goals are recognizable, I can follow the process and understand when one is done and go to next step. Process is never ending, this process is my life. What I want – to increase the speed.

  2. This is where the long term vision comes in. Not only do you need to have goals for the short term, the long term is extremely important. Evaluating your goals is what I believe should be a regular thing. Thanks for reminding me of this Randy. Its important to reach a goal and then look right away for the next one to obtain.

    Mark Harbert

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