Knowing When to Go

I was talking with a prospect the other day when he asked an important question:  He wanted to know what it takes to get me to visit a market.

That’s an easy answer, albeit a two-part one…

I go where I can have the most impact on the most people.  But that isn’t determined by how many team members are in a market.  It’s determined by what kind of local leader there is.  And what kind of leadership is developing under them.

I’ll go 10,000 miles to get my next leader.  Because there’s nothing more important in our business than leadership development.


8 thoughts on “Knowing When to Go

  1. Greetings,

    I will go……

    Many individuals SAY they want to become successful…..

    I look at the person that not only SAYS they want to become successful….

    They are WILLING to become successful.

    An individual SHOWS they are WILLING by the DOING of what is Taught.

    I am there to support that person because they are on their way to becoming the next leader.

    Be Blessed,

    Robert “Buck” Buchholz

    PS: You go where you are deserved to go, not where you are just needed to go.

    There is a difference, When you figure that out, you have more success developing leaders, who develop leaders, who develop leaders.

    If your business isn’t growing away from you….. your business will die, it may be a slow death but it will happen.

  2. Very good post! Great to know how we work with our leaders! I follow this page daily, also, to become one of those leaders in Patagonia and be worthy of, one day, the top executive of my company, come to visit us here. This leader already has a book of Patagonia, who personally I gave him, to get to know the place to come and visit us. A warm hug. Gabriel from Patagonia Argentina. 😉

  3. Hey Randy

    Your impact on the people are far away all over the world, even in Patagonia Argentina,and also in the other side of the planet.
    “Help others get what they want so you will get what you want”.

  4. Good answer Randy, but let me ask you this: How do you determine who to personally mentor and how much mentoring will you give?

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