Third Party Prospecting

In the past we’ve talked about the importance of using 3rd party tools for presentations.  The reason for this is pretty obvious.  You want your new team members to be able to recruit on their own as quickly as possible.

Remember, you make or break your new team members in the first two weeks, and the first 48 hours is critical.  It’s important you get them into action quickly.  And more importantly, get them into successful action quickly.

You want them to get positive results and have some new distributors under them.  This does two things:  First it gives them confidence.  And second, it gives them something to lose.  So teaching your new people how to recruit with a duplicable tool will dramatically reduce your dropout percentage.

Here’s the key…

You never want to come across as evasive to a prospect.  But you also want to present to them in a way that will allow them to duplicate when they do get in.  The secret is to answer a question with a tool.

Example:  Suppose your prospect asks if your products are safe for children or diabetics.  You can answer by pulling out your catalog and showing them the page where the question is answered.

Likewise if they have a question on the compensation plan.  Even though you may know the answer, it would be better to answer it while you point it out in a brochure.  Or give them the answer and let them know it will be covered more in depth on the DVD or CD you’re sending them home with.

This way no one will think you’re avoiding their queries, but on a subconscious level they’ll understand that there are resources that will help them when they’re in the same situation.  And when prospects have confidence in their ability to do the business, they’re usually going to join.

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12 thoughts on “Third Party Prospecting

  1. I used to send my prospects to the online version of “Brilliant Compensation”, but I feel that the video has too much Selling & Convincing elements in it. Prospects that need to be sold & convinced do not make good distributers.

    Can you recommend other good “first look” 3rd party tool?

  2. Hi Randy, it’s amazing how you simplify the science of MLM. I’ve always looked forward to this day when you’ll give deeper insights on using third party resources, since you’ve only mentioned it briefly in the previous blogs I’ve been opportuned to read. And you’ve done justice to it excellently! You really are an excellent surrogate upline. How long is the “Escape the Rat Race” CD/DVD? Been using the “Check This Out” DVD recently but it seems a little bit long for ‘busy’ prospects.

  3. Hey Randy,

    People beilive more when the informaion, and the ansewer to thir question is written so would be better to answer by pulling out my catalog and showing them the page where the question is answered.
    By using your strategy the prospects will be convinced that MLM is workable for them.

  4. Hey Randy’

    I believe and concur with you on third party presentation not only put prospects in the pipeline also gives quality time to do the business as they are effective.

    Thanks my surrogate sponsor.God bless

  5. Escape the Rat Race was what turned me on to Network Marketing and Highly recommend it!


    P.S. All your other books and tools are great too!

  6. Hi Randy,
    Have read about and listened to afew of your amazing tools. Longing to have ” Escape the Rat Race”DVD. How can I easily access it here in Africa as our best means of remitting cash is by Bank transactions. Awaiting your responce. Merab

  7. Hi Randy,
    I made the mistake of joining an MLM company before reading your book!
    It turns out my company doesn’t have many 3rd party tools (Brochures, CD, DVD, etc.).
    Would it worth for me to try to create this material myself?


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