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Here’s my “secret weapon” technique that will grow your business like crazy…

Call three people a day on your team and just check in with them.  That’s all.

Don’t beat them up; don’t ask what they’ve done for you.  Ask them how you can help them.  Do this every day and you’ll be shocked how fast your organization grows.  But I must warn you…

If you only have three people and you call them every day, you’re going to drive them away!  So make sure you go out and bring in some new people, and then reach down in depth helping people.  Then this simple daily action will really accelerate your growth.

You in?


24 thoughts on “Explode Your Business

  1. That is SO true. Thanks Randy. And to add a little to it. Make it three different people each day. Not the people you talk to every week. Rather make it a point to touch 2 of the three being someone you have not talked to in a long time or never. Your team needs to know you care.
    Vincent St.Louis

    Thanks Randy

  2. Yes. from the book “the slight edge” easy to do, also easy not to do. If you do it you may not notice great success in a day, or a week, but over time, this will lead to great success. If you do’n’t do it you may not notice failure in a day, or a week, but compounded over time, when nobody wants to talk to you anymore, it will lead to failure to build and maintain. It is these little positives or negatives, compounded over time, that will lead to success or failure.
    choose success my friends.
    choose it today

  3. This is one on my ongoing goals and it is a simple but very effective activity.
    When people know you care and they feel connected they will work harder,
    stay in the game longer and have more success.

  4. This is so true! In our company a person that had been in the business for a year had plateaued – they had sponsored several people, and those had sponsored in a few each and this guy was earning around $500 a month.

    Well, he got into ‘management mode’ and was spending several days a month driving between Riverside, CA, Phoenix, AZ and St. George, UT. He was doing local meetings in all places twice a month.

    But, his business was not growing – he complained that his people were not bringing new prospects to the meetings – it was just the same old group of folks, and, he was lamenting to me that he was about to give it up.

    He talked to one of the companies owners who intently listened to his ‘victim’ story, and as he finished it, she said to him; “And, what are you doing to grow your business?”To which he would answer by laying out the long story above, which she would again reply; “And, what are you doing to grow your business?” Well, that went on until he got frustrated, stopped the story and asked – “What should I be doing”?

    She kindly pointed out that while he was doing the driving and presenting, he was not doing the real work of the business; talking to new people. She agreed to be his ‘accountability’ partner with the promise that he would talk to 2 new people, 5 days a week. He agreed, and became a $20,000 a month earner within 13 months.

    Bottom line; Busy Work does not produce Business Builders – talking does.

    Thanks for the reminder Randy!

  5. I think is very important to talk with people. This is a “human business”, so we need to be in touch with our downlines. Offering help to them is the best way.

  6. Hey Randy’

    Great tip’When you talk to the people in the team face to face,it makes them feel
    that the organization is like a geat group of colleagues,team and leader,and the can feel belonging to it.

  7. It’s not part of the topic but it’s very important to me, my new champions are calling me asking how to follow up their prospects, because they make powerful one on one presentations, prospects get excited but few days later they don’t pick up the calls, and the few who respond, seem to be disappointed and finally they don’t sign up.
    Hallow Randy, can I know the powerful techniques to make follow-ups? I’ll be happy if I can get answers to this before I start saying anything to my champions.
    Much thanks for creating the ongoing discussions.

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