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Driving the Miles First

Want to be the leader of a large team?  Want to create solid growth in your network.  Be the first one to drive the miles. Continue reading “Driving the Miles First”

Feel the Burn

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed on my team it’s this:  They’re frustrated that they’re not growing and duplicating faster.  And you know what I notice about my top leaders? Continue reading “Feel the Burn”

Ticket Holder Trainings

One of the best ideas I’ve seen lately comes from Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady.  They call it ticket holder trainings. Continue reading “Ticket Holder Trainings”

Being Productive

Hopefully you’ve read The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. I lost track how many times I did, but it’s at least six or seven.   And there is one simple thing in there that can make a huge difference in your business… Continue reading “Being Productive”

Your Default Position

So it’s Friday, going into a Memorial Day holiday weekend here in the U.S.  People are sitting in their cubicles in the corporate world, but they’ve already checked out.  They’re surfing YouTube for cat videos, playing Farmville, and planning their BBQs.  For many employees, their default position is every holiday is a 3- or 4-day weekend to veg out. Continue reading “Your Default Position”

How Real is Your Dream?

We talk a lot about dream building in this business.  There’s an important reason… Continue reading “How Real is Your Dream?”

Going in Hot

When I get about ten miles away from the softball field before a game, Guns ‘N Roses goes into the CD player and gets cranked up to the max volume.   I put myself in a peak state, ready to perform. Continue reading “Going in Hot”

What Is Really Hard?

So I was doing trainings all through South America last week.  I was discussing what percentage of people actually do something in the business.  I mentioned that in the last six years I had sponsored almost 200 people. Continue reading “What Is Really Hard?”

It Is Not Easy


One thing I can tell you for sure about Network Marketing.  It’s not easy. Continue reading “It Is Not Easy”

The Power of a Dream

Logic will get you to the next level.  Skills will take you far. Continue reading “The Power of a Dream”

The Power of the Platform

Today’s post is not for everyone.  But if you’re a leader or want to become one, let’s talk about presenting. Continue reading “The Power of the Platform”

Bringing in Fresh Blood

Nothing drives me nuts more than counseling with someone who’s talking about the same two or three legs they’ve been talking about for the last four years. Continue reading “Bringing in Fresh Blood”

Show Me Your Car

Show me your car and I can tell how successful you’ll be in the business.  And not because of what brand you drive or the cost… Continue reading “Show Me Your Car”

You Are the Invitation

Last week we looked at how you make better invitations.  Here’s the other important thing to know about that. Continue reading “You Are the Invitation”

You Always Pay

So what’s your next major event coming up?  Have you got your tickets already or have you made your excuses? Continue reading “You Always Pay”