Going in Hot

When I get about ten miles away from the softball field before a game, Guns ‘N Roses goes into the CD player and gets cranked up to the max volume.   I put myself in a peak state, ready to perform.

It’s the same thing when I’m going to a presentation.  I’ll listen to one of my favorite inspirational CDs, getting my mindset where it needs to be.

I do a similar thing before I get on the phone for a session of inviting.  I’ll look at my prosperity map first, and put my dreams front of mine.  It always helps to remember why you’re doing the biz, to keep you moving forward, even when faced with rejection or challenges.

So what about you?

What puts you in a peak state?  And are you “going in hot” when the game is on the line?


14 thoughts on “Going in Hot

  1. I had never thought of doing anything like this! I’m so new at this that everything you say seems like an Ahh Ha moment!

    Thanks Randy

  2. Good idea. right few minutes ago I have tried to set up a presentation with my friend from high school. It was tough and ugly. He said me, that until there will be our government he does´t believe in anything and that he is making money because he owns 10 flats….
    gosh i should be guy making money …
    What will be you answer in this call?

  3. Super post Randy.. just SUPER! Am based in Kenya, and I go in with: Metallica / Linkin Park / mix of soundtracks from favorite inspirational movies / etc, depending on the Task ahead. As Yarnell says, “Soundtrack your Life!”



  4. Music is a must in my house! My husband and I are both music lovers, and there is a song for every occasion! 🙂 Music is an excellent way to get your head in the space it needs to be in. Thanks for the reminder Randy!

  5. Oh, absolutely music! (Funny that you mentioned G&R – I have ‘Sweet Child of Mine as my ringtone – the instrumental in the beginning) I revisit my goals and dream list, and it makes me both smile, and gives me a boost before a presentation, interview of new prospect, etc.

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