Being Productive

Hopefully you’ve read The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. I lost track how many times I did, but it’s at least six or seven.   And there is one simple thing in there that can make a huge difference in your business…

Covey suggests you take some time over the weekend and plan your schedule for the week.  It’s amazing the difference this can make for you.  Especially in Network Marketing…

Most of you and your team have a regular job you work and have to do your business in the off hours.  And to really get some traction, you need to find ten to 15 hours a week for the biz.

If you’re like most people, the week drifts by and next thing you know it’s almost gone.  If you want to excel, you have to be on purpose.  And nothing will get you on purpose faster than blocking out your business working hours and scheduling tasks like invitations, meetings and follow up.

So have you got your time scheduled for this week?


8 thoughts on “Being Productive

  1. Randy GREAT blog! My question for you on being proactive and productive…
    What are your thoughts on using electronic devices ( iPhones, iPads, blackberrys etc) verses pen,pencil and paper when planning your day, writing things to do or making your goals?

  2. Hi Randy! Hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day! I have read Stephen’s book several times; have it all marked up! Ha! Anyway, I plan my week every Sunday evening. Sure helps to have a road map for the week!

  3. The busier I become the more I have to schedule EXACTLY when I am going to do ‘it.’ One and two hour bursts of prospecting once or twice a day and suddenly I have priorities to squeeze the day… suddenly it’s time for bed. More fun than seven puppies too.

    Where has five months of 2011 gone?

  4. Pretty much have every night from 10-12 blocked off for marketing & connecting with my team & prospects online. Make calls during my commute most days as well. When I sit down on Sunday it’s to map out specifically what gets done in those times.

    Just took the 2 day instructor led 7 habits class again. It never gets old getting back to basics.

  5. Randy Excellent advice! What I am particularly glad of this advice is that this task was proposed to me without reading this book. The downside is that I still did not read this book before … 🙁 hahaha, but It will be the next book to read. However, even I propose to plan the week, I still do not, take this time on the weekend, as the planning is done over the week. I will work on this. Thank you very much. Regards Gabriel

  6. Hey Randy.

    I’ve read The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey.This book was translated to some languages.I plan most of my activities in advance.
    Time is most valuable than anything else in the world , so it’s the only thing you never can get any more of it.We can’t control the time,but we can manage
    our activeness efficiency along the allocation of the time.

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