You Are the Invitation

Last week we looked at how you make better invitations.  Here’s the other important thing to know about that.

You are the invitation.

How you live.  How you counsel with your team.  How you dress, your breath, and your attitude.  How clean or dirty your car is.  The way you talk with the waitress, the toll taker, and the kid who mows your lawn.

Do you realize how much of your invitation is done before you ever begin speaking it?

Just some food for thought…


13 thoughts on “You Are the Invitation

  1. Great post Randy. I remember Richard Branson’s show (like Donald Trump’s) where Richard was disguised as the cab driver picking up contestants from the airport. One of the contestants treated him with less than what would be expected in the respect department. You should have seen the contestant’s face when it was revealed that Richard was in fact the driver. I learnt a lot from that show, and your post here reinforces it again, and in plain English. 🙂

  2. Greetings Randy,

    Yes indeed it is YOU!

    Act as if the person you most want to approach is watching you from a distance….

    Because they already are. How do YOU really appear to them.

    Would they want to be sponsored by YOU?

    Would YOU want to be sponsored by you? Would YOU follow You?

    Get to a place in time where the answer, when you look at YOU in the mirror every morning is YES and you will have the success you’re looking for.

    Be Blessed,

    Robert “Buck” Buchholz

  3. So that the people you meet understand the message: Do what I do, not Do as I say ! if only that !…but of course a leader knows that. She/he leads by example.
    I thank you Randy for generating all this thinking.

  4. I need to put a video camera to see what I am doing wrong! Because I think, I am a nice guy :). But may be not! How to test my self to know the real true? I see if I am human magnet to others?

  5. Thank you Randy Gage.You are my business father,i pray to replica te you begining from my country Nigeria.God bless you and other contributors.

  6. Blagodaria za xubavata tema mr Randy..Mnogo chesto sam nexaina kam sebe si,koeto ne e dobre ,no staraia se da nameria sebe si.Da izglejdam dobre,da govoria dobre..Za jalost jivota na emigranta e ogranichen i mnogo mi xaresva rabotata v MLM , kato glatka vazdux,otvorena vratichka za moite mechti…Vajno e da viarvash i da imash mechti,tova e xranata na moia dousha…Believe in the tomorrow day…I like you..

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