Show Me Your Car

Show me your car and I can tell how successful you’ll be in the business.  And not because of what brand you drive or the cost…

Pick me up at the airport when I come to your town and I’ll know instantly how you’re doing by a few things:

If the outside is dirty and squinting through the filthy windshield gives me a headache, I know right away you’re in trouble.  Because you don’t respect yourself enough to keep your car clean, no one else is going to respect you.

The next big clue is what’s in the CD player.  If it’s a self-development disc, you’re doing good.  If I don’t see any, you’re in trouble.

The final clue is in the trunk.  If you open it to put in my suitcase and there are no tools in there, it tells me you’re an amateur.  Because any professional would never drive anywhere without having some take home packs, follow up materials, and product samples close by at all times.  A big part of the business is meeting people, and sometimes you have one shot to connect with them.

So what does your car tell me about you?


29 thoughts on “Show Me Your Car

  1. Well Randy, I’m happy to say that I’m batting 1000 as far as the car goes! One bite at a time, one bite at a time :). I’ve only been in MLM for 6 months, and I have to tell you that all of your material that I’ve seen, heard, or read has made a huge impact on my outlook! Thanks for everything you bring to us!

  2. I always keep my car clean and have a library of personal development CD’s in the car, but it’s not easy to keep clean all the time when you look after your 8 year old son 60%of the time – ha ha..

  3. I guess I’m ass backwards… I have more personal development than some top earners. But I am guilty of not keeping my car as clean as I should. I have lots of tools, but do not consistently keep them in my car. I don’t have a license either so cut me some slack! I’ll work on it though now that you’ve brought it to my attention.

    Thanks Randy

  4. great post Randy! You touch this topic also in your Mega MLM course that I bought, and since I heard it I have updated my dream board. I have never been a big car fan, but you made me reflect. You talk about putting money aside for a real “wow” car, so I found the car that I want 2 years from now. As I am Italian, the only real “wow” car is a Ferrari. I did some research and found that a second hand Ferrari Modena costs 60,000 euro, which is way less than I expected. I also interviewed 2 Ferrari owners and they gave me a few tips on the maintenance costs. But all these costs will be “investments” as I know that driving a Ferrari will give me an even stronger halo of success. Keep ranting Randy! 🙂

  5. The topic seems easy, but wise, many things that we use to say more about us than we say.
    My mother used to say, you can be poor but you have to be clear, internally and externally.


  6. I have my car in in order. Clean outside and inside too. Some friend sometimes tell me that they are impresed with this purity . In my stereo are a lot of self- help material. But what i found ? Nothing of this are influence to people decision to say yes and sign up application. There must be some other hidden secret.

  7. I have a 2010 Black (with awesome chrome) Dodge Nitro (bought last year, new, loaded). It is so me! She’s fun, shiny, and sleek, and being 4WD, nothing stands in her way! She’s always clean, and always, has a personal development, or training CD in her. I carry my tools everywhere I go. I do NOT have my company logo embellished on her; she is not the local pizza shop delivery truck! Makes me more accessible since I appear as any other person!

    : )

  8. Incredible. The truth is that I can not understand. Have you got a crystal ball next to you? Wowww!

    1. I have personal development audios in the car (although not new, are the same for months!) Should look new!
    2. I have tools (DVD), and products in my briefcase, I carry it everywhere. I’m fine there.
    3. The car is a problem. Since it is true sometimes is not entirely clear as it should and even embarrassed me, I do not take the time to wash the car myself (there is no excuse if we do not have money to take the laundry). Now I ask a question. How is this connected to my mind? Waht pattern of behavior that I’m showing with the status of my car? Please, please, please, I need to know, in public or in private, but I need to know what pattern of behavior I have with these attitudes.
    I must also say that sometimes I feel overwhelmed by many things, like my work (8-10 hours), leadership call of my company late at night, calls to the prospects (which sometimes put off for not listening to a “NO”), look for 2 new prospects every day, etc, etc. How I should handle all this, and do not have the excuse for not leaving for later, for example, cleaning the car?
    In Patagonia the car is clean just for two o three days, dust in the air get in the car and you do not know from where, then you need to clean the car again!

  9. Hey andy,

    Some people has the mentality of abundance,and some has the mentality of
    insufficiency,and it can be bears the imprint of the person mentality by the way the peson treats his personal belongings,especialy the car.

  10. Hi Randy,
    I loved your description of someone’s car and I think it’s pretty true. Our car is part of our presentation card. However, I don’t own any by now and I’m looking forward in growing with my company that will allow me to earn oin. I’m mostly visiting my prospect on foot. I always carry some business tools such as brochures, DVD,s and audios aswell as packs of EXO that I may share with my new prospects. Thank’s for sharing your valuable tips and I’m learning a lot on your posts. Wish you a lovely day. Ralfito from Colombia

  11. well Randy, got no car yet, but am always looking good, carry around an extra bag for my materials and samples and yes always with a book to read for the bus ride home. What do you think

  12. Ok ,Randy, after reading your post just spent way too much time trying to get the light colored interior of my “Queen Mary” (thanks JMF for the name) clean. I know you said exterior but to me its the whole package. Loads of time to think while I did it and four things occured to me…#1 you must not travel frequently in the company of three children and a dog:) #2 I have personal development in my car, on my computer and a myriad of other places (I’m over the top there) and need to make sure my team is doing the same #3 though I used to have a trunk full of them my best biz tools these days are on my blackberry and the internet…I appreciate that change! #4 I’m less often physically with my team and prospects…facebook, skype, webinars and phone calls are building it faster .
    So, thank you for the inspiration and needed to do it anyway as I am road tripping my local team tomorrow but hope when I pick you up at the airport you won’t mind a few crushed goldfish and a streak or two of spilled orange soda in the backseat!:)

  13. I agree with you on the first two points but the last one is outdated. These days, all I need for tools is either a tablet, netbook or laptop and my business cards. I can’t remember the last time I handed out a CD, DVD, brochure, etc. I know those are more money makers for the company but thanks to technology and having everything I need online – there’s no need to make that investment.
    By the way, no it has not affected my business and, yes, it’s duplicatable. JL

  14. A car with a CD player? I no not of what you speak. However, the car on my vision board has a CD player. And my car was recently vacuumed. That’s all I got.

  15. Randy

    Lets face it Randy if your looking for yes men, those are mostly the people that will respond to you. You judge on the outside. That shows very little wisdom. This will denfinitely give you a Huge NEGATIVE and limit your business. If your only Goal is to influence people like you you’ve suceeded. You over looking a lot of diamonds in the ruff. Remember a good leader COACHES. There is no such thing as throw away people. Be teachable.

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