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Meeting More New People

If you’re a subscriber to my Randy’s Rants newsletter, you can skip today’s post.  And if you’re not, what are you, a Godless Communist or something!  Get over to right pronto and sign up!  (It’s okay, I’ll wait.  Welcome back.) Continue reading “Meeting More New People”

Your Next Invitation Blast

Okay we’ve had some great response on the last few posts on how to do more compelling invitations.  Now are you ready to get serious? Continue reading “Your Next Invitation Blast”

Making a Killer Invitation

One of the most important skills you can have is the ability to make compelling invitations.  Last post we looked at ten tips for power invitations. Now, as promised, let’s look at some of the actual scripts you can use when you call people. Continue reading “Making a Killer Invitation”

Tips for Power Inviting

Last post we discussed the importance of using the phone for making invitations.  Since that was so helpful to so many of you, let’s look at some other tips to make your invitations more effective… Continue reading “Tips for Power Inviting”

The Secret to Inviting

We’ve talked in the past about the four basic skill sets in Network Marketing.  These are the ones that you want to train your team on right away, so they become proficient in all four quickly.  They are: Continue reading “The Secret to Inviting”

Where You Can Get Better

The last post on character certainly resonated with a lot of you.  I’m glad for that, as it was really written from the heart, and meant to shine a light on some areas that we need to do a whole lot better as a profession.  Thank you for doing such a good job sharing it and participating in the discussion.  But now let’s go to the next level… Continue reading “Where You Can Get Better”

The ONE Thing

I’ve been blessed to be in this network marketing profession for 25 years now.  And during a career like that, you have time to reflect on how you choose the right company… Continue reading “The ONE Thing”

Mega-MLM: Time Sensitive Update

Hey guys, I’m taking the blog today to alert you about an important resource because there’s a time-sensitive offer you should know about… Continue reading “Mega-MLM: Time Sensitive Update”

Making the Numbers Work

Talk to the top income earners in any company and you’ll discover something fascinating.  Usually more than half of their income comes from two or three major lines. Continue reading “Making the Numbers Work”

Learning from the Masters

Once of the best things you can do in this biz is learn from the masters.  And learn from the failures!  Today you have a chance to do both… Continue reading “Learning from the Masters”

Selling the Dream to Your Team

So last post we looked at the importance of dream-building in the recruiting process.  But what about with your team member training?  Are we just doing rah-rah stuff at the expense of nuts and bolts content? Continue reading “Selling the Dream to Your Team”

How Important is the Dream?

People from the herd sometimes scoff at us and suggest we’re idle dreamers.  But we’re not.  We’re active dreamers. Continue reading “How Important is the Dream?”

When It Is Your Time

As we said on the last post, it’s such a great season to sow seeds right now.  This can be your moment. Continue reading “When It Is Your Time”

The Season to Sow

In half of the world, spring is upon us.  And regardless of the climate where you live, this is a wonderful season to start to sow seeds. Continue reading “The Season to Sow”