Tips for Power Inviting

Last post we discussed the importance of using the phone for making invitations.  Since that was so helpful to so many of you, let’s look at some other tips to make your invitations more effective…

My Top Ten Keys are:

1)   Do it over the phone

2)   Have your dream board in front of you to keep your passion high

3)   Get off within two minutes

4)   Get a commitment for them to attend a live event, or else that they will review a link to an online presentation

5)   Invite both spouses

6)   If it’s going to be a one-on-one, book it at their home

7)   Repeat the appointment at the end of the call

8)   Don’t call to reconfirm or you’ll invite cancellations

9)   Set aside 90 minutes and make as many invitations as you can fit in that time

10)  Always answer a question with another question

Following these guidelines will dramatically improve your attendance and eventual enrolling.  Please share any other suggestions you have, and next post we’ll look at what you say on the phone.


61 thoughts on “Tips for Power Inviting

  1. Randy this is AWESOME! Thank you for writing it out in such a simple, easy to understand manner!

    (Any chance we can get more examples of answering a question with a question?)

    Thank you again Randy this is a really helpful post!

    1. Cynthia – An example would be –

      Instead of telling them It is Network Marketing , ask them ” Have you heard about a Business Concept of Network Marketing ?”

      If they say – yes or no , your another question can be – ” What is your opinion about it ? Have you just heard about it or have any work experience in it ?”

      If somebody asks you – Is it Network marketing ? Instead of telling them – yes or no , compliment them first and then ask back – ” Great Question . Btw , since you raised this question , May i Know what is your understanding of Network Marketing ?”

      Asking a question in response to a question brings you on a same level and people open up with their past experiences . Answering them yes or no makes you look defensive .


      1. it also keeps you from making serious mistakes. For example if they ask if it is like Amway and you start explaining why it is better and they sell Amway, whoops. another mistake!

  2. RG-

    I like to open with-

    “I know I’m interrupting you, I’ll be brief…..”
    This let them know that you respect their time.


    Are you open to chat for a few minutes?
    “Are you open” People want to be know as being open. “chat for a few” Let’s them know this will be quick.


  3. l was always taught and practice whenever possible to do 1:1’s or ABC’s in a “neutral” location ie. coffee shop or hotel.etc.
    That is duplicatable as opposed to someone’s home. Not everyone feels comfortable talking about their $ million opportunity from their own home and even if they are, their new distibutor may not be …

    RG, your thoughts on this one ?

    1. Randy’s suggestion was to book it at THEIR home– the home of the prospect. I agree a neutral location can be useful in situations; if presenting to a couple though, it seems easiest to catch them both at home. A neutral location is limited in distractions of kids, pets, and landline, though. Throw out your preference and be ready to accept the alternate.

  4. Randy ,

    This is amazing , specially point no. 10.

    However point no. 3 is relevant only when you are doing it in your warm market .If you are talking on a cold market lead, this will not work. You need to spend at least 5-10 minutes on a cold market lead to know his back ground , to know his aspirations ( hot buttons )- why he is looking for such an opportunity . It is like diagnosis of his problem before you offer him a solution so that he feels related.

    Also I differ on point no. 6. 1 on 1 has to be either at your place or at a neutral place like coffee day etc. If you go to their home to do a presentation , you look like a salesman and you end up becoming one . Last time it worked , at least in my case , was never. Inviting them to your place or on a neutral place gives you an edge , gives you a psychological edification and your presentation is free of any distraction which will surely happen if you go to their place – be it at their home or office.


      1. Hi Randy

        I bought both your Duplication Nation and your Mega MLM, thanks for the content, this is really great for me. I am an “internet guy” and up until recetly, when I went back to basics of this biz, I had very little duplication. Then, thanks to your teachings, I have accepted the fact that live meetings are the foundation for duplication in MLM.

        What surprises me though is what you have just said in this post I am replying: do you mean you really simply focus on meeting new people….and then work a warm market?

        You dont really do cold market at all?

        Do you think that teaching people how to meet people is more duplicable than running small ads (as you teach in a chapter of Duplication Nation?

        I really thank you so much if you can take the time to answer to my questions

        Danilo from Italy

  5. When inviting over the phone & you reach their voice mail, what kind of message would you leave without saying too much and, would you follow up with another call? Thank you very much!

  6. Hi Randy

    I tend to send 1 or 2 confirmation messages after the phone invite. I see that you dont suggest that.

    PS: I have just finished to listen to your Mega MLM Mp3 and I must say they are awesome: by following your advice, my organizational volume increase 50% in the past 6 month. I want to make a further 50% increase in the next 6 months so that I will qualify for the second level managerial position in my program!

    I have also added a Ferrari Modena on my dream board….


  7. RG: If you don’t work the cold market – what advice to you have for those of us that do? Any CD’s we can listen to, books to read, events to attend? Thanks.

    1. My best advice is to concentrate on meeting new people and working the warm market. Otherwise I have some training on cold market in Duplication Nation training album. But that is tougher.


  8. Hey Randy, enjoying the quick smarts you have going on here. I have a question about events…I am with a NM company and we have a huge event coming up with our CEO/Founder coming out to OZ to do some business presentations. my questions are:

    As a distributor/associate would you agree it is my job to get as many bums on seats to that event as possible?

    Also I have used a direct emailing campaign to get registrations, and have replied thanking them for their registration and confirming their seat, should I follow-up again or will this invite cancellations?

    In your experience what is the likely percentage of no-shows ie if you get 50 registrations are 20% of these likely to be no shows?

    After the event and Sales Forms are handed out, what is the best way to follow-up ie take the order there and then at the event or follow-up with a call?

    newby distributor

    1. Yes you want to pack the house. Direct mail is a very tough way to do that and usually has a very small percentage of people that actually turn up.


  9. Great tips Randy.

    I need more clarifications about the point no. 8.

    I think, reconfirmation is very important to save our time and get better results.

    1. You repeat the time and place at the end. But if you call later to reconfirm, or say you’re going to call later to reconfirm, my experience is you will generate lots of cancellations.


      1. I understand your point about not calling to reconfirm an appointment. Would you suggest a follow up email right after appointment has been made?

    1. Two comments on that: First that’s why I do the blog, because I can talk about what’s working at the moment. Only real change is I have moved away from 1-on-1’s unless you have a video or other 3rd party resource. And if you do them, you’ll have better attendance going to their home than trying to meet in a coffee shop. But glad you’re paying attention! 🙂


  10. This is slightly off topic, so please forgive. I just received an email from an acquaintance who is a consultant for a party plan party. The email is explaining a special waiting list they currently have, as all recruiting has been put on hold until August! Why on earth would a company ever tell their consultants they can no longer enroll new team members?That seems ludicrous to me! How does anyone benefit from that? It sent up red flags to me. Just curious what you thought.

  11. я еще новичок в этом,а по моему надо говорить с кандидатами на их выгоде.Правильно Ренди???

  12. I have tried arranging one to one meetings at THEIR homes but turns out that everytime you want them to attend any other training opportunities other places won’t work except THEIR HOME. How do I change from this dependency of me always going to them.
    A neutral place would be a better starting point. What do you say?
    Regards, Merab

  13. hi Randy what you are sharing with us it was excellent.
    My suggestion for those who are in mlm businnes they have to read your
    books. I read you books i like the way of prospecting and handling obection with people and team building etc.

  14. Thanks Randy. I have learned a lot again today. Your blogs and teachings are
    really awesome. Simple and very informative. Take care and God bless.

  15. These are really great tips. I really want to build the big biz, but my uplines ar more of d sales types. Now I don’t v any credibility, money or car how do I build d big biz without d support of my upline?

  16. Randy Gauge,thank God u r there for us coz am new person in this biz bt at least am a change person coz of yo teachings.

  17. Tanx Randy.its a powerful invitation strategy. pls how do I answer a question with another question? an example will be fine.

  18. Hello Randy
    I’ve tried to use books and videos from different network marketers and obviously they are common in somethings and have different thoughts in something else. for example one of the commonly used educations that is used in my country is Qnet’s educations from Patman and V-team. Do you think that kind of educations is suitable for MLM? (I think that’s very tough and robotic in some aspects)

  19. Hello
    Thank you for the great things you say!
    I’ve a question, what’s the importance of having a good list for who have his/her directs? is it important to update the list after recruiting the directs?

  20. Hi Randy.

    Thank you so much for great tips, I am really learning alot, do you perhaps have any tips about Plateau, I am currently struggling to build a whole new team, its taking too much time.


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