The Secret to Inviting

We’ve talked in the past about the four basic skill sets in Network Marketing.  These are the ones that you want to train your team on right away, so they become proficient in all four quickly.  They are:

  • Meeting people
  • Working a candidate list
  • Inviting
  • Follow up

And which one do you think is the most important?  Exactly.  Because having good invitation skills can make you rich faster than almost anything.

So here’s the number one tip I can give you on inviting…

Use the phone, Joan.  Never do invites in person.  Because that gives people the opportunity to start 20 questions and interrogate you.  Or they try and badger you into explaining the whole thing right there.  So always do the invites on the phone.

Get on, get off.  In two minutes or less.  Simply doing this will dramatically raise your compliance rates and the amount of people that actually show up for a presentation.  And the more people you get to an actual presentation, the more you’ll bring into the business.  It’s that simple.

Next post we’ll look at what you can say, to get the best results.

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16 thoughts on “The Secret to Inviting

    1. Glad you brought up the use of the phone as tool for success in our profession.

      I actually call & teach becoming a professional inviter .

      I’ve recently posted alot of content about how one becomes a professional inviter over at my Blog.

      This is another great post Randy,

      Warren Little
      Solutions Provider – Helping People Look Better, Feel Better & SUCCESSFULLY EARN MORE !

      I wan to learn more of this

  1. Interesting that you should bring this topic up.. I just sent out a video to my business partners about a 3 step process, which is call, ask and invite, so this is so on point and on time.

  2. You make a good point Randy. However, always keep in mind that you need to not only have passion but if your passion doesn’t include helping others realize their dreams and goals you will not succeed. THEIR dreams and goals not YOURS. JL

  3. Hi Randy!
    Great post – and I saw the A-team Central video with you – you are an angel! Thank’s

  4. I think this is really a great post Randy.That was right on point.I used to apply this strategy, but i somehow lost it.I am going to start using this strategy right about now , it worked when i was using it.

  5. Sensei.Very good advice. Thanks for a very nice. I will do like that!!! Will you talk about the follow up in the next posts? Because I get the people in the biz presentation at home (some times I give them a DVD fisrt), they like all what they see, they go to next big presentation but then, they don’t start de biz. What I am doing wrong? My follow up skills….mmmmm. Thanks. Gabriel

  6. Hi Randy,
    Was on leave and could not access internet. Have come back on good topic, thank you. Inviting on phone has been effective for me and saves time. Sometimes get discouraged by the numbers that turn up. I need to apply it more now.
    Thank you.

  7. Hi Randy,
    This is a good topic. Thank you. Inviting is the most important play in our business. I am looking forward to learn how to master it on the phone. Thanks again.

  8. hello RG sir,
    the above solution is great but still
    I have a question about inviting people to the presentation bcoz
    in my company there is a rule of buying pass in the buisiness meeting so how can Iinvite them?
    and also how can I invite my friends to Home meetings & Paper presentation??

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