Where You Can Get Better

The last post on character certainly resonated with a lot of you.  I’m glad for that, as it was really written from the heart, and meant to shine a light on some areas that we need to do a whole lot better as a profession.  Thank you for doing such a good job sharing it and participating in the discussion.  But now let’s go to the next level…

Yes you want company executives who are honest and a sponsor who has your back.  No debate there.  But in the end, it all comes back to you. Think to the lessons in my Making the First Circle Work book. You are the leader of your team (whether you want to be on not), and have a huge effect on the culture and results that happen from you down the structure.

Are you looking out for the best interests of your team?  Now before you automatically tell yourself ‘yes,’ let’s see what that looks like.  That means:

  • Telling them the truth;
  • Not telling them anything that isn’t in the best interest of their own business;
  • Working in depth; helping to drive depth;
  • Traveling and working with the long distance groups, to help them develop independence.

Here is where I see people fail down in these areas:

  • Exaggerating or outright lying with income claims;
  • Encouraging people to drive lines and purchase products to make a rank advancement, without having the actual volume and leadership in place to support that advancement;
  • Trying to manage growth from the top without going down and modeling the behavior yourself;
  • Crying poor and not investing in travel to support the development of your long distance lines.

You don’t create your future. You create your daily habits and they create your future.

I don’t write this to “catch” you or berate you, but to help you identify, where can you get better.  So how are YOU doing on all this?


13 thoughts on “Where You Can Get Better

  1. My approach is open and honest, including the money issue, help must be supportive and reliable , it is impossible to say just a word only but it must emanate from the man.


  2. I have traveled coast to coast to build my business over the years & it’s a very rewarding experience. My suggestion similar to your teaching in Duplication Nation is to make sure you set it up right & have a real leader at distance before you travel there & structure the time in that city so you maximize productivity. I have wasted lots of time & sleep driving & flying to cities where I didnt have a leader….

  3. Actually I agree with all these points. I have only one question, Randy.
    When would you travel to teach a long distance line? Starting with the first interested person or partner, or would you wait until a group is already built?
    Thanks a lot for everything.
    Best regards

  4. Hey Randy,

    A real and devoted leader, who want to lead his team for the best results for them,will find the way to give thm the best help, support and guidance to acquire the ability to be independentsand to get good achievements.

  5. The honesty factor really is the KEY. Without it you can’t build a relationship with your prospects. Great stuff on this post. People should see the value in it and put it to use immediately.

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