Your Next Invitation Blast

Okay we’ve had some great response on the last few posts on how to do more compelling invitations.  Now are you ready to get serious?

Because that knowledge is only worth anything to you if you apply it.  So the next step is having something to invite to this week.  What is it?  If there’s no events scheduled in your area, then you need to set up a home plan at your place.

Next, set aside a solid 30-45 minute block of time just for inviting.  Get your dream board in front of you, listen to some positive audios ahead of time, and then attack it with passion, intensity and urgency!

Remember, no calls longer than two minutes.  Pack in as many invitation calls as you can in that time frame.

And here’s another rule:  You can never end on a bad call!

So if you do by chance get someone that turns you down or says something snarky on your last call, immediately pick up the phone and dial the next person until you get another confirmation.

And by doing that, you’ll make sure you have a good turnout for your event.  You up for that?

Really?  If so, post when you call, how many you call, and what results you get.  Let’s see who is really serious about their dream!


16 thoughts on “Your Next Invitation Blast

  1. How do you introduce yourself? If you are not going to tell them what you sell. I am going to do it. But, I cannot imagine anyone saying yes they will come to an event when they don’t know what it is. When I tell them what it is, they start with the questions and end with that they are not interested.

      1. Just tell them:

        “I know you have alot questions and I want to give you the answers.However it:’s the Big picture I want you to see john not the bits and pieces and that’s what we’ll discuss tuesday evening,is that fair”?

        it’s as simple as that!

  2. I am on it! I already called 12 people last week and will call another 11 for Randy Gage in Bogota event next Thrusday. I have 8 confirmed already.

  3. What are these small, but extra important moments? How to give them this sense about – this oportunity(information they will get in event, is more important for them, than sitting 3 hours in green meadow under sun in time when event is hold. Where is the key? My energy? Some right words? 🙂

  4. Yes, I always show opportunity, But before I have found out (or I already knew) what is important (value) for this person- money, more free time, positive people around? Or I can invite everyone and later qualify is he/she seeking now? Basically question is- how to show value in this 2 minutes? to keep interest to come and look – what exactly it is?

  5. Another approach to the question, “What is it?” can be “It’s too big to explain. I need to show you. I promise it won’t be a waste of your time.”

  6. Just do what Randy is saying. the less you say the better, lead with their desires (if you know them) and say you are in a rush and pretty busy so can I count on you being there…

  7. i beleive if someone is truly looking for opportunity, he/she will follow you and won’t bother you with many questions…thanks Daddy Randy Gage.i look 4ward to see you face to face one day.

  8. Hey Randy

    By the phone you give a “tasty, of the opportunity
    ,to make them curious,and wants to know more,so
    they will come to the invitation.

  9. Hi Randy,
    You are just in time with your many tips for my first big presentation at our Mega OPP on Sat 14th May in my town. I liked your comment on how one can be effective by developing confidence. Will keep you posted as am still inviting on phone & waiting to see how many turn up for the event. You are an asset Randy!

  10. Thanks 4 Shairing…
    Here’s What i do to get More Leads For my Business Every Single Week,
    The First Thing is i make a list of all the prospects One day in Advance and then Build Relationship wth Them By Sending Valuable Messages, Then i pick my phone an call everyone in that list.
    Atfirst I Ask them a Question Like This “If You get an Opportunity where you can generate Additional Income By Working 2-3 hrs a Day, Then will you Grab the Opportunity or not..?”
    If they say Yes to my Question then After I Proceed And Invite them for a Home Meeting To Know about the Opportunity in Details..

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